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Scott Pierce

Some of you may remember when a little short by the name of Street Fighter: Legacy stormed the Internet a few years ago. The film featured a fight sequence between rivals Ryu and Ken -- and pretty much helped pave the way for the similarly titled Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Many argued that it was better than anything we saw in the actual Street Fighter movie with or Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. After all, that movie gave us this:

Not to mention, M. Bison was Irish in that movie for some reason. Anyway, the guys that made Street Fighter: Legacy need your help to give the universe the adaptation it really deserves. That's why Joey Ansah, the writer and director of Legacy, has taken to Kickstarter to create a new live action series to be released this winter. Check it out here.

Are you guys planning on donating? I've always wanted a live action adaptation worthy of how great Capcom's series really is. I feel like the closest thing we've gotten is Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.


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