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I'm that one guy you get annoyed with because he talks about movies too much, but I'm also the one guy you love to talk movies with.
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While some of us could manage little more than stammering a prom invite to our crush over the phone or in a hallway, an Arizona teen is shooting for the stars, with style. Jacob Staudenmaier asked Emma Stone to prom in the most charming way possible: by recreating a scene from La La Land, for which Stone won the Best Actress Oscar.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sorry guys, a high school student might have a better chance of getting a date with Emma Stone than you do.

The Oscar-winning musical is already solidified as a modern classic; its songs, performances and the film as a whole will be discussed and enjoyed for years to come. Jacob put his own spin on one of the film's most iconic sequences in this creatively produced student project. If Emma Stone says yes, he'll have more than just another day of sun.

With friends backing him up, and a delightful sense of humor at work, the promposal is fun and clever. It sure looks like Jacob put a lot of effort into attracting the attention of the most-wanted woman in Hollywood. For him, I hope he gets a yes.

Jacob isn't the first guy to set his prom sights high. So how does his ploy compare to other proposals aimed at celebs? Jacob, who has a funny resemblance to Stone's La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling, ranks pretty high. Here are some more recent examples.

Daisy Ridley And Kevin

Though the video takes a while to get to get to the point; Star Wars puns are where Kevin excels. Daisy Ridley, who has recently become a household name thanks to The Force Awakens, took a liking to Kevin. The star went as far as to formally reply to the student's invitation... even though her reply was ultimately a "sorry, but no." Still, that's more than most people would get. The force is with him, alright.

Kate Upton And Nina Adgal And Jake

"Kate, we can ride all night long. . . until 11:00, that's my curfew

Jake is a special case. The witty teenager aimed very high when it came to choosing a date for Prom. But unlike these other cases (so far) the super busy model nearly said yes!

But unfortunately, it turned out she was busy.

Lucky for Jake, supermodel Nina Agdal had that night free. So it seems like things turned out OK in the end. Jake Davidson had a great night, and so, evidently, did Nina.

Any cool proposals I missed? Tell me below!


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