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The original Oldboy is certainly a movie with quite a few defining scenes. Whether it's the shocking ending, the mysterious introduction or eating octopuses alive, Oldboy isn't short of incredible cinematic moments. But of course, it's 's one-shot corridor fight scene which perhaps takes the prize as Oldboy's most iconic scene.

It seems tried to recreate this magic in his English-language version of 's original. Unfortunately, it seems the final product, which releases tomorrow, will not match the South Korean version.

Lee's vision saw the fight occurring vertically on two levels, in a sequence, which once again was intended to be a single shot. However, according to a recent interview with The New York Times, the studio has intervened in the final cut. Lee explains:

It's not one shot. There’s a cut in it. Shouldn't be, but there is a cut. There's no reason to try and even attempt that shot unless it's a one-take. That's the scene from the original! That's the scene!

Lee remained tight-lipped about as to why the scene was cut, only adding:

Tough business.

Now, this seems a little uncustomary for a director as out-spoken as Lee, but perhaps he's realized that when working on a big studio movie you just have to roll with the punches.

I'm sure the real reason will come out in due course.

You'll be able to catch Oldboy in theaters from November 27th.

What do you think? Has this news affected how you feel about the remake? Let us know below.


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