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Studio Ghibli's newest venture, from Grave of the Fireflies and Only Yesterday director , is unlike any other works by the famous studio in its aesthetic style, being reminiscent of paintings from feudal Japan.

No surprises there, as The Tale of Princess Kaguya is based on a Japanese folk tale called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, centered on the discovery of baby Kaguya inside the stalk of a bamboo plant.

I love me some Ghibli. It hits an animation itch every time. Check out the trailer and see what you think:

(via /Film)

Still doing what most other animation studios won't, Studio Ghibli are treating the art of animation with enough respect to refine it and contribute to its evolution.

With The Tale of Princess Kaguya set to get a US release next year, and 's The Wind Rises breezing into theaters on February 21, 2014, we're pretty spoiled for choice right now.

Whaddya think, decade-spanning epic or do you prefer Disney?



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