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Lots of new information has come out following the release of the Suicide Squad Extended Cut, which included items from cut scenes to Easter Eggs. I, on the other hand, want to discuss one in particular Easter Egg that may have been overlooked during the film. Let's take a look, shall we?

What We Know About The SKAWD

The most interesting thing about the is that they all carry their own personal baggage from their rough lifestyle. Most of the members actually long to live a normal life and to find love. Love actually becomes an object that each member has been affected by in some shape or form. Harley ('s abusive love), Deadshot (his daughter), Rick Flag (June Moon possessed by Enchantress), El Diablo (killed his wife and kids out of a fit of rage) and Katana (husband was murdered) to name some of the more specific cases of love in these characters' lives.

That said, this underlying concept of them wanting to feel love (and do anything for it) was casually referenced at during the Suicide Squad's battle with Enchantress.

Battle Against Enchantress

Alright, so you watched the clip? Good, now I want you to take a close look at just around the 4:30–4:40 mark. Here you will see Deadshot getting ready to fire Harley's gun at the explosion device that is hurling towards Enchantress's world-destroying weapon. As Deadshot is getting ready to fire, his daughter appears and begs him not to do it. This scene mirrors the one earlier in the film that featured Deadshot getting ready to shoot Batman, but Deadshot's daughter stepped in and begged him not to (so he didn't). This time though the vision of Deadshot's daughter is just a trick being played by Enchantress and Deadshot realizes he must fire the gun in order to truly save his daughter.

What's important to look at is right here:

'Suicide Squad' {Warner Bros.}
'Suicide Squad' {Warner Bros.}

Harley's gun has two different words etched on her revolver: "love" and "hate." When Deadshot fires the gun, the revolver lands on "love," which is almost a reference to how each character is willing to do anything for love (or for whomever holds their heart). Rick Flag loves June Moon even though she is possessed by Enchantress, so this also stands for him as well. Judging from the other cut scenes, this reference was intended for Harley too.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I think the cleverness of this Easter Egg is something to be admired. The message is solid and fit well with who these characters are underneath. Maybe love over hate was actually the main theme for this movie and we just didn't realize it? Either way, it's still a very nice Easter Egg and it's cool to see that it contains such a noble message.

What do you think? Did you spot this Easter Egg before? Let me know in the comments down below!


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