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Eszter Simor

If you're a fan or just can't wait for the new adventures of Sherlock, I've got some good news for you.

Even though he's currently killing it at the movies (we'll give Julian Assange biopic, The Fifth Estate, a pass), PBS has announced that he'll return as Sherlock on TV with three 90-minute episodes in the contemporary version of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic, created by and . Of course, The Office's will play his funny sidekick Watson.

In the last episode, Sherlock jumped off a roof of a hospital as his friend was looking on. We've still been wondering how he made it out alive.

The new series will premier on PBS January 19th as part of the Masterpiece anthology series, though the BBC promised that the show will air in Britain before the PBS debut.

Masterpiece executive producer, Rebecca Eaton was extremely enthusiastic about the show, saying: "The genius Sherlock team has done it again,” and adding "These people are GOOD!" on Deadline.

Are you as excited as her about the upcoming season of Britain's most popular TV show?

PBS also confirmed Downton Abbey's return on January 5th.

(via Deadline)


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