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Despite a frosty reception from critics, Suicide Squad became one of the most successful superhero films to date, and a huge part of that is down to Margot Robbie's scene-stealing turn as Harley Quinn. However, online rumors suggest that the Clown Princess of Crime may be usurped by Killer Frost, who could end up dethroning Harley as the new female lead in Suicide Squad 2.

Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Why Killer Frost Could Star In 'Suicide Squad 2'

Killer Frost [DC Comics]
Killer Frost [DC Comics]

While Killer Frost has a long and complicated history in the comics, two of her most famous incarnations have been members of the , so it makes sense that she would be considered for future sequels. The second , Dr. Louise Lincoln, briefly fought alongside the Squad before selling her soul to the demonic Neron — because, comics. At this point though, Killer Frost was primarily a Firestorm villain, chilling out on the C-list tier.

That all changed though when Killer Frost was reintroduced as Caitlin Snow in Rebirth. After taking a prime position on the team, Snow helped the Suicide Squad face off against the Justice League, proving that her powers were more than a match for DC's finest heroes. Along the way, Killer Frost's villainous heart melted, leading to her surprise membership as part of the League, fighting crime alongside the likes of Batman and the Atom.

Killer Frost's newfound popularity in both DC Comics and The Flash TV show has raised the villain's profile to glacial proportions, making her debut in the more and more likely. After all, Harley Quinn may be too busy to join the Suicide Squad due to her hijinks with — if that's the case, Warner Bros. will likely be keen to draw in some kind of replacement who can channel Margot Robbie's charisma. No offence, Katana...

Why Killer Frost Might Not Star In 'Suicide Squad 2'

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

Caitlin Snow's role on may be why Killer Frost is being considered for Squad membership, but Danielle Panabaker's charismatic performance on the show may also prevent her character from replacing on the team.

It's already confusing enough for fans of The Flash to see two versions of Barry Allen onscreen, competing against one another on TV and in the . Throw in two versions of Killer Frost, and DC may end up leaving casual fans out in the cold completely.

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

There's also the matter of how Suicide Squad ended; after the Joker busted Harley Quinn out of prison, many presumed that this would set up further exploration of their deranged relationship in . Sure, this could also set up Gotham City Sirens, which Margot Robbie has already confirmed her involvement in, but Harley Quinn was undoubtedly the star attraction in the first Suicide Squad. To remove the DCEU's most popular character from the equation makes no sense, especially in favor of a relatively untested character like Killer Frost.

Just in case Margot Robbie doesn't appear in 'Suicide Squad 2', relive Harley Quinn's greatest hits in the clip below:

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If the rumors are true and Killer Frost does take a starring role in Suicide Squad 2, it remains unclear whether her involvement would reduce Harley Quinn's part in the film or even send her packing completely. Either way, the idea that the Suicide Squad franchise can only handle one prominent female character at a time is more insane than Harley herself. Pit Killer Frost's icy demeanour against the lunacy of Harley, and you're looking at a formula that even the most ardent critics of the first Suicide Squad could warm up to.


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