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Suicide Squad turned out to be just as polarizing as Dawn of Justice, with critics mostly hating it, DC comic book fans loving it, and a divided audience of average moviegoers arguing about it.

However, even if you didn’t like the film, you’ve got to admit one thing: the Squad members were pretty awesome! Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Diablo, Hell, even Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) was amazing! But did you know that every one of them is secretly even more complex and more badass? That’s right! During the 82-year run of DC Comics, we’ve seen Superman dying God knows how many times, Alfred turning into a supervillain and, of course, the Suicide Squad kicking some serious butt!

So, without any further ado, here are 10 times the Suicide Squad members were way more incredible than you thought!

10. Crocodile Tears

Panel from the comic book Joker's Asylum
Panel from the comic book Joker's Asylum

Have you ever read the Killer Croc story in Joker’s Asylum? It’s a fantastic story that perfectly describes Croc’s desire to be respected, understood and loved. After biting his own limbs off in order to escape Arkham, Croc gets back with his old gang. He actually becomes a good friend with the new leader, he does all their dirty jobs, he is very faithful and loyal and, in the end, he lets himself be manipulated by the wife of his boss, who poses as his friend. This is a story of betrayal that proves that monsters ARE real and they hide inside us. It is a depressing and amazing comic book at the same time and a must-read for every DC lover who wants to discover Croc’s soft side.

9. Katana’s Long History Of Saving Batman

The Outsiders
The Outsiders

Katana is probably the most honorable and kind member of the Suicide Squad, since she is not a villain, but an antihero. The sword-wielding femme fatale has teamed up with Batman on various occasions, most notably in The Brave & The Bold #200, in which Katana saved the Caped Crusader from his captors. In exchange, the Dark Knight invited her to work alongside him and together they formed the Outsiders, a team that included heroes like Black Lightning, Metamorpho and Nightwing. Katana even managed to become the leader of the group, leading them into many victories against various threats. When Batman trusts you, you know you’re doing something right.

8. The Devotion Of Rick Flag

Deadshot, Flag and Killer Croc
Deadshot, Flag and Killer Croc

Rick Flag Jr. is the leader of the Squad in the field of battle and, just like his boss Amanda Waller, a fearless and vigorous dude. He is very devoted to the Squad because of his father Rick Flag Sr., the leader of the original Suicide Squad, which consisted of non-powered soldiers rather than super-villains. Even though Rick Flag Jr. hated working with bad guys, endangered his life in every mission, discovered that he is not the real son of Flag, Sr. and, in the end, died and was brought back from the grave, he chose not to abandon the team, when he was given the chance to retire, saying that the Suicide Squad will always need a Rick Flag. Loyal until the end!

7. Slipknot Is the Nemesis Of Firestorm?

Slipknot is a master in the use of unbreakable ropes and basically the most useless baddie in the DC universe. He is probably your least favorite Squad member, but did you know that the guy firstly appeared as a villain in a Firestorm comic book? Firestorm’s various powers include flight, enhanced strength, control over fire and control over molecules. So, we’ve got a guy with ropes against a guy who can practically do everything. You’ve got to give some credit to Slipknot for going toe to toe with one of DC’s most powerful heroes. A for effort, I guess!

6. Deadshot’s Tragic Family Stories

Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot
Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot

Deadshot might be a vicious hired assassin, but he knows a lot about teamwork. He is one of the most important members of the organization and usually refuses to leave other wounded members behind. When Deadshot was ordered to stop Rick Flag from killing a corrupt senator, he chose not to kill Flag, but he shot the senator himself, taking all the blame, but saving Flag’s life and reputation. He is a real ‘’hero’’ and also a very devoted father. When his son was kidnapped by a child molester, Floyd abandoned everything and started searching for him, exacting revenge on everyone involved with the case. When he later found out that his own mother was behind the kidnapping, he refused to kill her. Deadshot #1–4 was a really dark story about the infamous marksman and truly tested his morals, scarring him for life.

5. Captain Boomerang Is A Caring Father Too

Captain Boomerang is probably the biggest scumbag in this group of terrifying and ruthless villains. He let his fellow Suicide Squad members die, he tried to escape, endangering the missions, and was a real pain in the ass for his teammates. However, just like Deadshot, he also proved to be a loving father. Although he was absent during his son’s childhood (too busy throwing boomerangs at the Flash), Boomerang finally met Owen Mercer (his child) as a grown up. The two quickly bonded and retained a healthy relationship, as Captain Boomerang and Captain Boomerang II. Talking about family values, when the original Boomerang died, Owen joined the Rogues — a group filled with Flash’s enemies, just to respect his father’s memory.

However, the original Boomerang later briefly came back from the dead and asked the wife of Zoom (Flash’s nemesis) to tell his son that he loves him and to be careful with the Rogues. He also revealed that Owen was the stepbrother of the fourth Flash, but this is a completely different story…

4. Amanda Waller’s Kiss With Lex Luthor

Waller from JLU
Waller from JLU

Amanda Waller is, without a doubt, the most cold-hearted, vicious and manipulative female character in the history of comics. Having those personality traits, you wouldn’t expect her to be very successful in the love sector. However, we’ve all been proven wrong, since there’s another character in the DC universe sharing the same ruthlessness and evil nature, who is probably the ideal match for Waller: Lex Luthor. Apparently, Lex liked Amanda much more than a boss could love his employee for doing her job, and kissed her, during the events of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Unfortunately for the president (yes, Lex Luthor was the US president at the time, I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea), Waller did not return his feelings and later betrayed him, trying to arrest him with the help of the military. No one kisses the Wall without her permission and gets away with it!

3. Amanda Waller Owns Batman

Just like in the movie, the comic book version of Amanda Waller is a sharp-witted lady and it is incredibly tough to win an argument against her. Tell that to the Dark Knight! If you were a fan of the Justice League Unlimited TV series, you would probably remember that Batman and Waller often clashed, resulting in constant deadlock. However, their feud also expands into the comic book world, with Batman breaking into Belle Reve, in Suicide Squad #10, and meeting Waller, who kind of puts him into his place. That’s right; Waller owns Batman and the Caped Crusader leaves, with the Suicide Squad leader being victorious!

2. Beware The Creeper

If you thought that Amanda Waller was the only member of the Suicide Squad with an unbeatable sex appeal, you were wrong. Well, admit it! You won’t be the first movie fan to have a crush on Harley Quinn. Well, that was actually the case with the Creeper, a deadly, funny antihero who fell in love with Harley in an episode of The New Batman Adventures, constantly pursuing her, probably thinking that "no" means "yes." The Creeper is basically Jim Carrey’s Mask — good luck Harley!

1. Harley Quinn’s Fight With Black Canary

Unlike the Joker, Harley Quinn has proven many times that behind the mask of the deranged psychopath there is a gentle soul in hiding. In fact, Harley adores children and she was once ironically hoping to have one with the Clown Prince of Crime. During a fight with Black Canary, Harley stopped attacking the hero when she heard she was pregnant. She actually helped Canary, sat down and discussed the difficulties of raising a child. Harley later visited Canary in the hospital in order to see the baby, and actually became good friends with Dinah (Black Canary’s secret identity). Who knew that even a Harley Quinn story could be heartbreaking?

Check out what else goes in inside Harley's head in the video below:


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