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Months after it hit theaters in a whirlwind of controversy and big box office bucks, the digital release of Suicide Squad's much-hyped Extended Cut has finally arrived — and with it, a bunch of deleted scenes and a chance to see a little more of director David Ayer's original vision for the movie.

Harley Quinn predictably takes centre stage in most of the new footage, but we also get a little more insight into what's going on in the Joker's head. Which, let's be honest, was badly needed. Check out five of the best deleted scenes from the Suicide Squad Extended Cut.

Harley Points A Gun At The Joker's Head... And Fires A Bullet

Most of the new footage comes from extended clips of scenes that were kept in the final cut of the movie, but below we see a clip which was removed in its entirety. In the Suicide Squad that made it to theaters, Harley Quinn's relationship with the Joker is presented through a mostly romanticized lens, but here we see a flashback to Dr. Harleen Quinzel jumping on her bike and giving chase to Mr J's pimped-out purple Lamborghini.

What happens next is pretty unexpected...

"You're not leaving me! I have done everything you said, every test, every initiation!" Harley rebukes her lover as she demands to be "let in". Still, the Joker doesn't take her seriously — so she fires her gun at the ranting truck driver who dares to interrupt their lovers' tiff, before turning it on Mr. J himself.

Ultimately, he gets the upper hand, dismissing her like she's nothing to him. Personally, I don't think the scene adds anything to their relationship. It gives us more Joker posturing without really making sense of their current situation, and the acting is a little off throughout. Still, it's interesting to get a sense of how the chopped material altered their more mutually affectionate dynamic in the theatrical cut.

Drunken Stripper

In this clip, Harley is restless, bouncing from one member of the squad to another, attempting to provoke a reaction from Killer Croc before turning her attentions on Katana — who, it turns out, is pretty "gangster". Check it out.

Deadshot has the best line, telling Daddy's Lil' Monster that she's acting like a drunken stripper. And really, what's wrong with that?

Torturing Harleen Quinzel

Post-escape from Arkham, this extended flashback from Amanda Waller's briefing notes gives the Joker a chance to air his beef with Harley, before she was Harley, for erasing his memories. "You left me in a black hole of rage and confusion!" he barks incoherently, before we get to the stuff we already saw in the movie.

Like pretty much everything else Joker-related in Suicide Squad, it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

Boomerang Plays With Fire

Captain Boomerang may be a complete moron, but El Diablo has a bit more going on upstairs. Chopped from the scene in which the Aussie thief persuades Slipknot to make an escape with him, here we see him try and rope El Diablo into the plan, too.

Diablo has probably the most consistent characterization in Suicide Squad, so it's no surprise that he's basically just too smart to go down with the others. His guilt still weighs heavy on him, and he's happy to serve the time for what he did to his wife and kids. We could definitely have used this scene in the theatrical cut.

Harley Quinn, The World's Most Presumptuous Bartender

Some mixologists know what drink their customer wants before the words have even left their mouth. Harley Quinn is not one of those people. "Ninja, you want some saké?" she asks Katana, who instead plumps for whisky. Better luck next time, girl.

It's weird that the bartending scene was cut in the first place, considering it was new footage added to the final trailer, but perhaps that just highlights what a catastrophic mess the editing of this movie was. I would've kept this scene in to extend what was already quite an enjoyable sequence.

I don't know if any of these deleted scenes really add anything major to Suicide Squad, and hopefully future DCEU movies won't need an Extended Cut to turn them into something better — but it was still kind of fun to spend a few extra minutes in David Ayer's darkly comical world. The Suicide Squad Extended Cut is out now on Digital HD and arrives December 13 on Blu-ray and DVD.


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