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So many DCEU movies have had a divided response from critics and fans, that it's practically a staple of the franchise. Suicide Squad, hoped by many to be an overall hit, seemed on track to redeem the DCEU, with its neon-toned trailers and bombastic soundtrack. And yet, our hopes and dreams of a non-controversial DCEU movie were shattered when Suicide Squad was released, and the internet was flooded yet again with criticisms and fierce rebuttals defending the movie.

One thing everyone seemed to agree on, however, was the lack of the Joker. According to Jared Leto, his scenes — that he claimed would fill a whole movie on their own — were slashed from the final cut.

Harley and Joker had a very different relationship in the original cut. [WB]
Harley and Joker had a very different relationship in the original cut. [WB]

Bowing to popular(ish) demand, Warner Brothers will be releasing an extended cut of Suicide Squad, along with the Blu-Ray which will finally reveal all these deleted scenes.

Joker & Harley Quinn: A Twisted Love Story

In all the promotional material for the Blu-Ray's release, the focus has very much been on the Joker's deleted scenes, most of which he seems to share with Harley Quinn. In the final cut of the film, the Joker was reduced to little more than backstory for Harley, chasing down the Squad and retrieving Harley only for their helicopter to be shot down, reappearing right at the end of the film to break Harley out of Belle Reve.

The deleted footage expands their love story, while giving Jared Leto's Joker more room to exist as his own character. A new featurette teases this never-before-seen footage, and we can recognize several known deleted scenes — like the one in which Dr Harleen Quinzel pulls a gun on the Joker.

The featurette begins with revealing behind-the-scenes footage of the scene in which Joker tortures Harleen in Arkham Asylum. In the final cut of the film, there was a bit of a jump between this scene and the one in which Harleen jumps into the vat of acid. It's really unclear as to what degree of choice Harleen as at this point: Is she totally swept up in her "mad love" for the Joker, or is he coercing her?

The extended acid vat scene sheds some light on this, but before they get to Ace Chemicals, it certainly seems as though Harleen's still making up her mind — and here we have the infamous gun scene, in which Harleen threatens the Joker, only for him to slap then disarm her.

This scene caused a lot of buzz even before Suicide Squad was even released, thanks to multiple leaked set photos and videos, but it was conspicuously absent from all the trailers and, as we discovered, the film itself.

This seems to be because of a post-production decision to cut out much of the abuse in the Joker/Harley relationship. Details of multiple violent scenes between the two were leaked after Suicide Squad was released, including a re-jigging of the helicopter scene: Originally, the Joker pushed Harley out before the helicopter was shot down, apparently attempting to kill her. But in the final cut of the movie, their relationship seemed fairly bland in comparison to their comic book counterparts.

Reshoots, More Scenes & New Batman Cameo

But the Joker wasn't the only victim of Suicide Squad's editing. Many scenes were slashed or removed entirely, with reshoots changing events around.

David Ayer directs the cut-down bar scene. [Warner Bros]
David Ayer directs the cut-down bar scene. [Warner Bros]

From all reports, the final version of the film seems to be very different from the original script. Here's a few things you can expect to see on the extended cut Blu-Ray:

And best of all, there should be another cameo from the Bat himself, as part of Killer Croc's cut-down backstory. According to a leak earlier this year, Killer Croc's criminal career consisted of him being a hired heavy for mafia families — until a run-in with Batman ended Croc's dreams of someday taking over the gangs.

Batman leaps after Harley Quinn. [Warner Bros]
Batman leaps after Harley Quinn. [Warner Bros]

So it looks like we'll get another Batfleck fix in the extended cut of Suicide Squad.

Tell us in the comments: Which deleted scenes do you think should have stayed in the movie?

[Source: Collider]


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