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Now, Hollywood has long been enamored with the "director's cut," and its potential to redefine a critically skewered movie as a classic, but the new trend towards the "extended cut" has taken that same movement in an intriguing new direction. Where once an alternate cut signified directorial dissatisfaction with the original version of the movie, it now largely heralds a desire from the movie's production company to make another healthy chunk of profit from the film.

Which, what with this being a capitalist, consumption-based society and all, is a completely reasonable thing for them to do — and on the plus side for all of us, it tends to give us the chance to see more footage from the film that might otherwise go unseen. After all, no one remembers the alternate ending to Casablanca:

With Warner Bros' Suicide Squad recently having been announced to be receiving the "Extended Cut" treatment, though, it's good to finally know that...

The Suicide Squad Extended Cut Is Set To Feature A Whole Lot Of New Content

[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]
[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]

That, at least, is the latest word from Warner Bros., with the company having recently confirmed that the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad will feature an additional 13 minutes of kooky criminal-related footage. Now, it seems safe to assume that the vast majority of that additional time will be made up of the Joker and Harley Quinn getting up to antics of some kind — though quite what it is that we'll see remains unclear as of right now.

While we wait for word of exactly what we'll see to finally arrive, though, we can at least bask in the bright colors of the Extended Cut's recently revealed Blu-ray cover, which looks set to be just as fluorescent and shiny as you might expect:

[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]
[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]

And now? Now all we can do is wait until the Extended Cut arrives (digitally on November 15th, and on Blu-ray December 13th), and hope that it either exceeds the low expectations half of us are presumably carrying, or matches the high ones the other half of us likely have.

Want more on Suicide Squad, and its sequel, while you wait, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Are you excited to see an extended cut of the movie? Let us know below!


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