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Now, they may have received a pretty thorough beating from critics — and crisply divided fans in the process — but it seems that a certain gang of zany, DC-themed criminals is actually pretty darned good at making money all the same. In a little less than two months of release, Suicide Squad has made a whopping great $731 million at the global box office, with $318 million of that coming domestically.

And, while that's still relatively low compared to Batman v Superman's "disappointing" final total of $873 million, it's also well above many early industry estimates, and likely enough money to earn the film (and Warner Bros.) a tidy profit. What's more...

Suicide Squad Just Overtook Iron Man At The US Box Office

[Iron Man/Marvel Studios]
[Iron Man/Marvel Studios]

Which, while a relatively small milestone in the greater scheme of things, is nonetheless one that will likely warm the hearts of review-battered Warner Bros. executives. After all, by reaching $318,584,857 at the US box office, Suicide Squad has narrowly trumped one of Marvel Studios' most beloved cinematic offerings, Iron Man (it made $318,412,101 domestically, back in 2008).

What's more, that leap has pushed Suicide Squad into the top 50 movies at the domestic box office, just about $700,000 behind the original Transformers in 49th place. The big question, though?

What Does Suicide Squad's Success Mean In Context?

[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros]
[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros]

After all, it breaking into the Domestic Top 50 is great and all, but also ultimately a fairly arbitrary measure of success. Similarly, beating Iron Man is great news for DC and Warner Bros., but it's also currently ahead by a narrow enough margin that it's unlikely to threaten the film in the (arguably more relevant) "adjusted for inflation" charts — through which lens Iron Man made closer to $384 million in today's money.

What's more, Suicide Squad is still only sitting in eighth position in the 2016 domestic rankings, behind the superheroic likes of Batman v Superman ($330 million), Deadpool ($363 million) and Captain America: Civil War ($408 million). In other words? It's a major success for the movie to have overcome such negative word of mouth, and made such a large sum of money — but Warner Bros. will still likely be peeking jealously at Civil War's more substantial domestic haul (and far larger global one, finishing up at $1.15 billion).

Want more on Suicide Squad, though? We've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is Suicide Squad a hit, or could it have done better? Let us know below!

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)


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