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Who says that a little thing like mass hatred from the critics should stop a film from attaining Oscar glory? The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards are finally out and Suicide Squad has done the impossible, winning a nomination for Best Picture and — just kidding.

Sure, David Ayer's super villain ensemble could never compete against the likes of Arrival, La La Land or Manchester By The Sea, but 's worst heroes ever could still win an Oscar after stealing a nomination for Best Makeup and Hairstyling this year.

Jared Leto [Credit: ABC]
Jared Leto [Credit: ABC]

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

  • A Man Called Ove
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Suicide Squad

While the winners won't be unveiled until February 26, 2017, is the clear forerunner for this award. After all, Ayer's first foray into the DCEU may have been mauled by critics upon release, but Suicide Squad only has two other films to compete against, and neither stand much of a chance against the likes of and .

Why Does 'Suicide Squad' Deserve To Win An Oscar?

Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Whether you loved them or hated them, 's Joker tattoos set the internet ablaze faster than El Diablo's entire family, and 's turn as Harley Quinn wouldn't have had the same undeniable cultural impact if not for her iconic makeup and hairstyling. Killer Croc may have also had his fair share of critics, but he too was certainly impressive in the visual stakes, particularly as Ayer wisely chose to avoid CGI and used prosthetics instead.

Not everyone agrees through...

Could 'Star Trek Beyond' Win Instead?

Star Trek Beyond [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Star Trek Beyond [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

If any film is going to give Suicide Squad a run for its golden statuette, then it's . The latest instalment in the fan-favorite franchise made a commendable attempt to modernise for a new generation and the makeup for characters such as Jaylah was certainly impressive, but ultimately, the film made little impact beyond it's opening weekend. Regardless of which film you actually prefer, Suicide Squad clearly won the battle of the blockbusters here, both in terms of box office and media attention.

Is 'A Man Called Ove' The Dark Horse In This Category?

A Man Called Ove [Credit: Music Box]
A Man Called Ove [Credit: Music Box]

Most of the attention may fall on Suicide Squad and Star Trek Beyond in this category, but there's also an outside chance that A Man Called Ove could beat them both out for Oscar glory.

This story of a grumpy old man is reminiscent of previous award winners such as About Schmidt and Gran Torino, which could work in its favor. Plus, the tone of this Swedish drama is far more in keeping with the kind of film that the Oscar voters usually gun for. A Man Called Ove's distributor, Music Box, also enjoyed recent Oscar success with the Polish film Ida in 2014, and they previously made a name for themselves with other foreign hits such as Tell No One, Potiche and Le Weekend.

Check out the tutorial below to discover how to apply makeup like Harley Quinn:

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Ultimately though, the sheer amount of attention that Suicide Squad has received certainly places it at the forefront for Best Makeup and Styling at this year's . Whether you liked the film or not, it's hard to deny that Ayer's Suicide Squad isn't worthy of at least some accolades in this department, although it does seem strange that a film currently sitting pretty with 26% on Rotten Tomatoes could ever share company with the likes of Meryl Streep.


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