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Following Cara Delevingne's latest mascara advert for Rimmel getting banned, the actress finds herself at the heart of controversy once again this week for starring in a misleading campaign. This time though, instead of tricking consumers with false lashes, the team behind Suicide Squad have revealed how they slimmed down Delevingne's waist line using visual effects.

In a new video that breaks down the use of CGI in Suicide Squad, it's clear that the FX company Imageworks digitally slimmed down the already-slim catwalk model to make her seem thinner in the film's final release.

Check out the video in full below:

The CGI team behind Suicide Squad made many post-production changes to Cara's appearance — such as giving her glowing tattoos and a wacky headdress — but the decision to trim her already-svelte waistline added little to the character. After all, you can afford to put on a pound or two once you've reached the ripe old age of 6,373, but that didn't stop Warner Bros. from photoshopping Cara's body, seemingly without any real purpose or motivation.

Whether you enjoyed Cara's portrayal of June Moon or not, this decision to shed a few pounds off the Enchantress has been heralded as yet another example of Suicide Squad's misogynistic depiction of women. Remember that time when Margot Robbie's puddin's were revealed more after CGI was used to shorten the length of Harley Quinn's shorts in post production?

Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Suicide Squad [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In light of this cheeky reveal, it seems that a new Tweet from Cara was written in direct response to the controversy;

Whether this apt Kendrick Lamar quote was chosen because Delevingne is upset by the changes made to The Enchantress in post-production or whether she's simply sick of discussing it remains to be seen. Either way, the uncanny timing of this Tweet certainly suggests that Cara is aware of the controversy.

Did 'Suicide Squad' use CGI to slim down Delevingne in the trailers too?:

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If Delevingne is as unhappy with these alterations as we think she might be, then there's a chance that her character June Moon won't return for , even though she survived her separation from The Enchantress in the first film. However, if she does reappear, then we just hope that the scantily clad villain is treated with more respect in the post-production process. The Enchantress may not have a heart anymore, but we sure as hell do.


How do you think Cara Delevingne feels about these changes that were made in post-production?

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