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Out of all the Academy Award-winning movies of 2016, there is no doubt that David Ayer's Suicide Squad was a surprise winner of the pack. Given that the Suicide Squad trailer broke the internet, it was a little disappointing that the movie failed to live up to its own neon hype. So, as Warner Bros. moves forward with a sequel to the maligned supervillain ensemble, it seems that we might finally have a start date for .

Continuing the 's losing streak of dividing its critics and audiences, arrived in a pre-Wonder Woman world when Warner Bros. was constantly playing catch-up to Disney's MCU. However, hopefully learning from the mistakes of the past —like er, where is the Joker? — can incoming director Gavin O'Connor pick up the tattered threads of Ayer's movie and make it work?

Assembling The Squad

It was originally thought that Will Smith's packed slate would push Suicide Squad 2 filming into late 2018, but according to My Entertainment World — via Omega Underground — filming will begin in March 2018. This surely means that a whole load of casting news and other tidbits are sure to be coming our way. Namely, is Jared Leto going to be back as the Joker? If you remember the end of Ayer's first film, it saw the squad living in relative happiness back at Belle Reve, with a daring prison break from Mr. J to save Harley Quinn. Who knows whether O'Connor plans to pick up where we left off, or give Task Force X a whole new mission from Ms. Waller.

Also, according to the production list, we can tentatively figure out who will be back for No. 2:

"The film is about Deadshot, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc work [sic] together to help the government."

Hoping to avoid a rushed script, extensive reshoots, and reams of cut scenes, Suicide Squad 2 should be in a much better position that its predecessor. Riding on the coattails of Wonder Woman, and hopefully the success of the goliath that is Justice League, Suicide Squad 2 could have one of the best underdog stories out there. With Gotham City Sirens seemingly languishing in development hell, and no one quite sure what is going on with Batfleck's solo movie, Suicide Squad 2 could be putting all the Robin eggs in one basket.

Alongside news that The Raid's Gareth Evans might be developing a Deathstroke solo film, the DC villainverse might finally be back on track. Excitedly, an earlier filming schedule puts Suicide Squad 2 at an early 2019 release date or even possibly late 2018. Either way, prepare for another squad of of expendable bastards as Batman's formidable rogue's gallery suits up once more.

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