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Big corporations, the government and online banking systems are all clear internet hacking targets — but Sundance Film Festival? Not exactly the most obvious choice for a cheeky bout of internet crime but, according to Twitter and eye-witnesses on the ground, that is exactly what's happened.

Forcing the box office system to completely collapse, all of Saturday's screenings were thrown into jeopardy as the festival reached near certain chaos with festival goers, filmmakers and industry bigwigs alike facing the possibility of missing out on 's big festival premieres.

Sundance Confirmed The Hack Via Twitter

After rumours of the alleged hack began circulating around Park City Utah where the festival takes place, the whole area suffered a further technological blow as the internet servers crashed, grinding many services to a halt. Within ten minutes of the internet returning to the site, the official Sundance Twitter page confirmed that their box office had been attacked, but that:

"Our artist's voices will be heard and the show will go on."

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The Sundance Hack Took Place At The Same Time As The Sundance Women's March

While these two occurrences are seemingly unrelated, Sundance was hacked at the same time as the Women's March to protest the presidency of Donald Trump took place within Sundance's Park City location. Lead by Chelsea Handler, stars such as Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara and John Legend were all seen marching through the streets protesting loudly, and proudly.

While The Hacker Remains At Large, The Festival Is Back Up And Running

Thankfully, the Sundance tech team managed to fix the issues the hacker had caused to their box office system, and the festival was able to continue as normal. Big movies such as Jennifer Anniston's The Yellow Birds and Laura Prepon's The Hero faced serious set backs in light of the hack as they were both due to premiere that day, but with order being fully restored, the filmmakers and the stars could rest, somewhat, easily.

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