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Coming to us from Australia and premiering at Sundance this year, The Babadook is an original story built on a familiar foundation.

The chilling little indie piece delves deep into the primal fears of a widow and her son who just lost his father. After the death of her husband, Amelia (Essie Davis) tries to calm her son who fears that a monster might be lurking in the house. Soon, however, she too feels a sinister presence pervading her life.

You're going to want to leave the lights on after watching this first trailer for The Babadook... Take a look and see what you think:


(Source: BloodyDisgusting)

The title might sound like a Star Wars creature, but after watching that Babadook trailer, I'm convinced this movie will more than deliver a scare. A damn good scare.

What are your first thoughts about the killer trailer for The Babadook? Something you'll be checking out when it creeps its way into theaters? Sound of below!



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