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Andie Chavez

Back in 1999, a movie called Fight Club was released and some time after achieved cult status. The movie was different; it operated on senseless violence, extremely compromised morals and a degree of psychological disturbance. It carnivalized disdain for society, pushing the feeling so far that it escalates into a whole carnival of terrorism, blood, and . It turned into a cult classic partly because, despite it’s rather mixed reviews, the movie was able to generate a devoted following. There was news of fight clubs popping up here and there, although those rumors weren’t really confirmed since well, the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club right? Also, it was an excellent movie that pushed the boundaries of comfort. If the millisecond flash of genitalia over children’s movies wasn’t enough to be disconcerting, then the manufacturing of luxurious soap from human fat should make you think twice about your Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil extract bath soaps. Plus, it didn’t hurt either that Norton, Pitt, and Bonham-Carter at their best.

The whole movie was a rollercoaster and just like all rides, it either serves to make you sick or high off of the thrill. Which is exactly what Palahniuk’s literature is supposed to make you feel. It either excites you, or makes you terribly sick. As time passes, dark films have become more and more prevalent and well received in today’s theaters. Batman has evolved from a conventional superhero, to a dark and particularly human person who has “seen things.” The “dark and twisty” films are emerging, possibly as a reflection of today’s news growing more and more outrageous and violent Times are dark, and maybe dark movies can explain why. Which means that it may be high time for another dark Palahniuk masterpiece. His novels almost always pack some in your face reality; that maybe humanity isn’t as sane as we’d like to think. And he illustrates that reality through vivid, at times disconcerting, and imaginative scenes.

Word broke out in 2008 that the movie adaption of Haunted was in the works. 5 years later, news was released that the production finally has its funding. Why did it take so long? Well, it may be because Haunted is a series of 23 horrifying and at times hilarious, and most times unsettling short stories, making it hard to adapt. But also, Palahniuk’s material may be volatile when presented to a large amount of people. But I think that’s what makes it so great. It has the potential to either tank so bad, or become an enduring piece of epic proportions. Maybe the next cult classic is on its way to our screens now.


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