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Pompeii looks like it will be director Paul WS Anderson's Roland Emmerich movie. On top of a sword and sandals romance, there will be gladiatorial combat and - most importantly - a fight for survival once Mt. Vesuvius meltdown begins.

The Pompeii Super Bowl spot doesn't really focus on the romance between and , but that's not necessarily a bad thing. While that will undoubtedly draw in female audiences opening weekend, the real reason to see this thing is the destruction of the ancient city in 3D.

At this point, movie fans know whether or not they want to see this thing because of 's name. There's really know middle ground: You either love or hate his Resident Evil movies, and you either appreciate his stabs at original stories (like Event Horizon) or you don't. Take a look:


Pompeii Synopsis:

Set around the time when the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed the titular ancient city, Pompeii centers on a slave (played by Game of Thrones star ), who has to save the daughter () of his master, Lucretius (Jared Harris), and another glaidiator, .

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