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Television series have left many pressing questions throughout the decades. Did St. Elsewhere really take place inside a child's mind? Where did Ted's pineapple in How I Met Your Mother come from? Was the parallel dark dimension in Community real or imagined to escape a cruel reality? We may never know the answer to these all-important questions, but there is one particular TV query that has recently been answered once and for all. Thanks to an incredibly devoted super-fan, it's finally time to answer the age-old question of how much coffee Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe and Ross drank throughout 's 10-season run!

Okay, so perhaps you've never really asked yourself this question, but we do have the answer thanks to a dedicated fan known as Kit Lovelace. Showing an unrivaled devotion to the hit comedy, Lovelace went through the entire 10 seasons –– which comes to a grand total of 236 episodes –– to do an incredibly thorough study about the character's drinking habits. After what would have been an 85-hour investigation, here's what Kit discovered.

How Many Cups Of Coffee Did The Characters Drink?

According to Lovelace's chart, here's how the central characters rank:

  • Phoebe: 227 cups (0.96 on average)
  • Chandler: 212 cups (0.90 on average)
  • Monica: 198 cups (0.84 on average)
  • Joey: 191 cups (0.81 on average)
  • Ross: 188 cups (0.80 on average)
  • Rachel: 138 cups (0.58 on average)

Also, if you're curious to know how exactly they variated, Lovelace's got you covered with another remarkable infographic. After spending more than two days rewatching the series, Kit created a chart that chronicled the character's relationship with the hot beverage by season:

Coffee Budgets: Analyzing The Gang's Spending Habits

Here's where we get to the nitty gritty of it all. As if charts graphing their intake tendencies wasn't enough, this unbelievably dedicated fan also calculated how much money each protagonist spent on coffee. To add another layer of devotion to these statistics, Lovelace based his calculations on a bill that was visible in Season 2's 'The One With Five Steaks And An Eggplant.'

In case the chart's information is too small, here are Lovelace's findings:

  • Phoebe: $408.10
  • Chandler: $381.60
  • Monica: $356.40
  • Joey: $343.70
  • Ross: $338.40
  • Rachel: $248.40

That takes their grand total to $2,077.20, which isn't bad for six friends over ten years (and a whole lot of memories, right?).

You're probably scratching your head while trying to figure out what motivated this fan to perform such an endeavor. We all love Friends, but this is a truly devoted investigation that takes the Friends fandom to the next level. Lovelace actually completed this study back in 2015 as a project for PopBitch after seeing an article in Scientific American that only assumed the amount of coffee consumed throughout the series.

Although it may be hard to find similar TV detectives with the same level of devotion, it allows us to think about what other seemingly useful (but super fan) statistics we'd like to discover from our favorite shows. So, let me know something you'd like to be investigated below.


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