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With your butt. No, seriously. For Mushroom Kingdom veterans, Big Boos have got to be among the most feared of Mario's enemies. First, they're g-g-g-ghosts! They're also huge, and relentlessly stalk Mario throughout the entire level.

The worst thing about the Boos is that they're invincible. The only way to deal with them was through some skillful evasion, and hoping to god that never landed in between more than one of them. Or so I thought, until those geniuses at the Suppermariobroth blog showed me this gif of Mario defeating the spooky spectre in Super Mario World: [Nintendo] [Nintendo]

Yep. That's our Mario, using his ass to bust ghosts. Look at him slide down those stairs on those buns of steel.

That's a Big Boo Busting Booty

He's such a meanie [Nintendo]
He's such a meanie [Nintendo]

Mario's latest outing for the Nintendo Switch puts the spotlight on his hat, but it looks like the real power's at the seat of his pants. That puffed-up poltergeist doesn't stand a chance. What's his secret? Squats?

That diamond butt isn't just good for busting ghosts, it also works on other seemingly invincible hazards, such as the (formerly) unstoppable green blobs in the Ghost House:


Even those nasty razorblade traps can be trashed by the power of Mario's clenched gluteus maximus:


Those fine Italian ass-cheeks grind the buzzsaw into an unholy looking messed up trash sprite.

Bug Or Feature?


Looks like the developers never really intended for Mario to defeat the toughest enemies in the game by scooting down the stairs like a cat on a bad day. I love things like this, when a glitch accidentally ends up improving the game.

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Apparently there's a ton of hidden exploits and secret moves throughout the Mario franchise, and I recommend checking out for some surprising revelations about our plucky plumber.

I wonder what kind of secret moves might be exploitable in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey? I have a feeling that the Boo-busting ass-slide isn't going to be making a comeback.

Have you discovered any secret moves in the Mario games? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Suppermariobroth]


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