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Despite the fact their prince has repeatedly distanced himself from his fans and has essentially declared himself Public Fame Victim #1, it looks like Beliebers are still smacking each other out of the way in efforts to bow down to the almost-godly presence of .

With more than five months until Bieber shuffles into Rio de Janiero's Sambadrome with his pants hanging unforgivably low, die-hard fans in Brazil are reportedly camping out in line in order to snag the best seats at the venue on March 29, 2017.

Apparently, loyal Beliebers are already scurrying over to the area and getting in line after tickets sold out in a flash on October 25. Bringing with them tents, blankets, insect repellant and mountains of snacks for the next five months, the fans are determined to brave the elements to grab the chance to be in close to proximity to ol' Biebz.

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The group of 130 campers apparently did the same last time Justin came to Rio back in 2013, camping two months ahead of the concert. This year, according to one student willing to sleep rough for almost half the year, this is the plan:

"[Spend] one day queueing, one day studying for the university entrance exam."

Another claimed his boss immediately gave him the green light to skip work when he was informed of the honorable cause.

Let's just hope that when March 29, 2017, finally rolls in, Justin Bieber isn't a colossal a-hole and doesn't lose his shit when these guys ask him for an autograph.

What's the craziest thing you've done for your idol?


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