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Supergirl may have had a lot to deal with this season, from alien refugees to rocky relationships, but her sister Alex has really become the heart of the show as she found happiness with cop Maggie Sawyer. Back in Season 1 it was no secret that Alex was tightly wound, seeming perpetually ill at ease and never quite comfortable. Early on in Season 2, the reason for this became apparent: Alex was closeted, constantly repressing her sexuality to the point where she was barely aware of it.

This all changed when Maggie made her entrance, as the two quickly struck up an easy banter and flirtatious friendship. Learning that Maggie is gay helped Alex realize that she not only had feelings for this spunky detective, but that she had been a lesbian for her entire life — she just hadn't let herself explore her sexuality.

Maggie and Alex finally get together in 'Supergirl'. [Credit: The CW]
Maggie and Alex finally get together in 'Supergirl'. [Credit: The CW]

Alex's coming out arc was fantastic in the first half of Supergirl Season 2 as she gradually came out to her sister, her friends, and finally her family. Luckily for Alex, everyone was supportive and pleased that she was happy with Maggie. And now, it seems that things are going so well that the couple might be ready to take the next step...

There Are Big Things In Alex & Maggie's Future

During a recent set visit, TVLine asked actress Chyler Leigh (Alex) if she could drop any hints about the finale. And what she had to say was very interesting...

"I don’t know a lot. But I know one thing that could be happening that might be kiiiind of a big deal for Maggie and Alex." With a smile, she added: "It’s kind of, maybe, sort of a big deal."

Yoga mats & flirty bickering: Maggie and Alex are "that" couple. [Credit: CW]
Yoga mats & flirty bickering: Maggie and Alex are "that" couple. [Credit: CW]

Of course, without any details it's difficult to predict exactly what's going to happen between Alex and Maggie in the finale, but there are two likely outcomes: Either the couple are going to move in together, or one of them will propose. Considering that Alex and Maggie practically live together already, moving in doesn't seem quite dramatic enough for Season 2's finale. A marriage proposal, on the other hand, would be very exciting — and it would keep us all on tenterhooks to see the wedding in Season 3.

So far, Supergirl has developed the relationship between Maggie and Alex beautifully. After Alex's coming out arc, later episodes focused on Maggie and Alex growing closer and falling in love, as both characters were challenged to overcome their issues — Maggie especially has come a long way since we first met her, and it's really nice to see her learning from Alex as well as vice versa.

Naturally, seeing Alex and Maggie tie the knot would be awesome, but their wedding wouldn't just be an interesting progression of their relationship, it would also be fairly groundbreaking considering DC's fraught history with characters — and specifically, Maggie Sawyer's weddings.

First introduced in the Superman comics, Maggie Sawyer later became a main character in the immensely popular and critically acclaimed New 52 Batwoman, as Kate Kane's girlfriend and later fiance. The wedding between Batwoman and Maggie was a planned part of the comic's arc — but that all came crashing to a halt when banned the wedding from taking place. The artist and writer quit in protest, and the comic never really recovered. For context: This happened in 2013.

Kate proposes to Maggie Sawyer in 'Batwoman'. [Credit: DC]
Kate proposes to Maggie Sawyer in 'Batwoman'. [Credit: DC]

However, Alex and Maggie getting married in Supergirl would not be DC's first gay wedding, as Alysia Yeoh married her fiance Jo in Batgirl Of Burnside two years ago. And yet, this would be DC's first really prolific gay wedding between main characters, as Batgirl Of Burnside (averaging 30 thousand issues sold per month) definitely never reached the roughly three million viewers that Supergirl has.

If Alex and Maggie really do get married in Supergirl Season 3, this wouldn't just be an important step forward for them as a couple, but also for DC. Here's hoping they really do get engaged in the Season 2 finale!


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