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All eyes are on The CW's lineup this week, as the network attempts to pull off something truly heroic: combining four shows into one unprecedented event destined to cause geekgasms the world over. Except, it turns out that calling the crossover a 4-parter may have been somewhat generous.

Audiences who don't usually watch Supergirl were pretty angry this week, if Twitter is anything to go by. After all, the much-vaunted crossover episode unfolded as a fairly standard solo venture for the majority of its running time. Aside from the occasional breach appearing once in the beginning and again halfway through 'Medusa', the Flash and Cisco didn't even pop by until the last minute or so, underplaying people's expectations of how this episode would tie into Invasion! as a whole.

For Arrowverse fans, the idea of tying together , The Flash, Supergirl and within one large-scale event sounded like paradise — but for those who like to pick and choose their superhero shows, resentment built after being forced to sit through other programs in order to understand the crossover as a whole.

Promotional trailers for the crossover have pushed Supergirl's involvement to the fore so far, leading many to assume that 'Medusa' would play a far more pivotal role in setting up the alien invasion. Admittedly, it makes sense then that some fans feel tricked by The CW, but one could also argue that this approach was necessary in order to introduce new fans to the world of Supergirl and to see how her character works.

After all, the first season of aired on an entirely different network, so Arrowverse fans unfamiliar with Kara's exploits should now have an enhanced appreciation of the character in subsequent crossover episodes. Or they could just complain on Twitter some more.

During a press screening earlier this week, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg took time out to explain why Supergirl's involvement in the crossover was minimal on her show;

"All of the other episodes — Flash, Arrow, and Legends — all have a subsequent episode to the crossovers, but with Supergirl it was the midseason finale, so we wanted to make sure that episode eight of Supergirl spoke to what had been happening in the first seven episodes of the season.”

Taken objectively, Kreisberg's comments actually make a lot of sense. As a personal fan of the show, I felt 'Medusa' did a fantastic job of tying together many of Supergirl's ongoing plot threads, all while still leading naturally into the crossover.

Supergirl. [The CW]
Supergirl. [The CW]

Kreisberg also defended this decision in logistical terms, pointing out how this year's Arrowverse crossover is still larger than anything else ever attempted before, both by The CW and superhero programming in general:

“And then just, logistically speaking, last year we did two shows with a sprinkling of Legends. This year we went to three shows. The idea of going to four full shows, I’m not sure if we could have pulled off logistically speaking.”

That's why Kara appeared less than usual in last week's episode of Supergirl — because Melissa Benoist's schedule needed to be freed up in order for her to appear on Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Check out the official Invasion! crossover trailer in the clip below to see all of your favorite heroes together:

If you're one of those fans who was disheartened by a distinct lack of crossover aliens this week, Kreisberg has eased the pain by announcing that The Dominators will return in a future episode of Supergirl, revealing that the threat will still remain once this week's 4 (?!) part story has come to a close.

However, whether or not you were disappointed by the way that Supergirl opened the crossover this week, it's hard to deny how exciting it was to see Barry and Kara reunited. Let's just hope Sassco continues to give The Flash a hard time for causing his brother's death through Flashpoint. I'm not sure if we could handle yet another timeline mess up during this week's epic crossover.


Were you disappointed by Barry's cameo in Supergirl this week?


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