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Recently, released some photos of the upcoming / featuring the Girl of Steel in a new costume. A while back, also teased that it was time for Barry to get a new suit:

More recently, Grant posted a photo on Instagram of him going through the process of getting said new suit, presumably for the Supergirl crossover featuring the Music Meister.

What if Barry is getting a new suit for the long haul? Savitar told the Flash family that a "future Flash" would trap him in the speed force. Granted, present Barry did just that in the same episode, but this episode also showed killing Iris in front of him, so we obviously get a "future Flash" at some point soon.

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Barry Brings Warnings From The Future

Barry's future message from 'Legends of Tomorrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Barry's future message from 'Legends of Tomorrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

In the Invasion! crossover, Barry Allen gave the Legends of Tomorrow a warning from the future that he couldn't be trusted. It was assumed that Barry couldn't be trusted to lead the team to victory during the battle, and yet, through trusting him, they won the day. So, could Barry be talking about a future event where he can't be trusted? It's already been established that future Barry is in the midst of a war, something he is obviously trying to prevent. His experience has taught him not to screw with the timeline. Having that said...

This May Be A Hint To The Big Villain Of Season 4

Barry fighting a future version of himself [Credit: DC Comics. Art by Brett Booth]
Barry fighting a future version of himself [Credit: DC Comics. Art by Brett Booth]

The "future Flash" Savitar could be referring to may be a nod to the comics, one in which Barry Allen screwed up by not saving , causing a timeline he wasn't exactly proud of. Barry goes back in time, killing all of his rogues to give him speed (because reasons). Now, this may be a lot to take in considering we have so few episodes left in the season, so perhaps future Flash makes an appearance to give us a glimpse at next year's Big Bad (God knows the producers can't seem to get away from speedster villains). And since most of the rogues end up dying on the show anyway, a Rogue War-style season seems to get farther and farther away.

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Final Thoughts

The Supergirl reveal could just be limited to the Music Meister episode. It does seem to be a fun crossover idea with little to do with the overall narratives of either show. However, with Victor Garber being spotted on set — one simply does not have a musical show and not have Broadway stars such as Garber in the mix — it would seem that the crossover may have further-reaching consequences. The Flash keeps overarching storylines very tight. Even one-off episodes seem to contribute to the overall story. We will simply have to wait to see where (if anywhere) this news will lead.

Check out the trailer for the next Flash event, Gorilla City, below:

Do you think the costume change could lead to something later down the line for the Scarlett Speedster? Sound off in the comments below!


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