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This article contains spoilers from Supergirl Season 2.

Supergirl is no stranger to tackling hot topics and dealing with sensitive issues, but the latest episode of the drama brought to light the issue of vigilantism and whether or not people who take the law into their own hands are really heroes or villains.

It's an interesting topic and one that hasn't been explored on the shows since Oliver's killing spree back in the first season of Arrow. Over in National City, the citizens have come to expect Supergirl to come to their rescue with far less bloodshed ... but are they becoming over-reliant on her?

The latest installment of Supergirl saw Detective Maggie Sawyer clash with Kara over how much help Supergirl should be giving the citizens of National City, but is Supergirl really a threat? According to Maggie, the answer is yes — and a new criminal defense could turn Supergirl into public enemy number one.

Maggie Doesn't Want Supergirl Interfering With Non-Metahuman Criminal Cases

Maggie wasted no time in taking her frustrations out on Kara in the latest episode of Supergirl after the Girl of Steel infiltrated a hostage situation and rescued everyone involved, undermining all of Maggie's hard police work. She argued that Supergirl's presence is only needed when National City is under attack by either aliens or metahumans, but typical everyday crime should be left to the police.

Kara was noticeably hurt by Maggie's suggestion, and what made things worse was that, like any good cop, Maggie had evidence to support her argument. According to the detective, some of National City's crooks have had their criminal charges dropped due to their defense attorney using the "Supergirl Defense" in court:

"It's a thing that some criminals use to get their charges dropped. It's a perfect storm for a defense attorney — excessive force, evidence contaminated by debris, vigilante justice."

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Kara was perturbed by this revelation, specifically because it brought to light the idea that she could be considered a vigilante; Kara considers Supergirl as a symbol of "help and justice."

As viewers, we're inclined to agree with Kara on this one; if it were the Green Arrow being called into question then, yes, the word "vigilante" would be more appropriate, but this is Supergirl we're talking about — Kara is a beacon of light and she does everything with a huge smile on her face.

We definitely see Supergirl as a hero but, vigilante or not, this conversation did bring to light the "Supergirl Defense" for criminals, and I highly doubt we've seen the last of it.

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Will The 'Supergirl Defense' Become An Issue In The Future?

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Supergirl's methods may be effective, but they also involve a somewhat necessary amount of violence in order to restrain criminals and prevent them from running away. Maggie clarified that Kara "broke a guy's arm and gave another one a concussion," which of course could be used to paint the Girl of Steel in a negative light. And with the "Supergirl Defense" becoming popular among the National City low-lifes, some criminals may have a legal leg to stand on — and, as a result, could walk free.

With the human race only beginning to accept that aliens exist on Earth, a criminal defense like this could be extremely damaging to the Girl of Steel's reputation. As much as we're on Supergirl's side, she's still technically acting outside the law and, this defense could have severe repercussions for her — especially with people like Lillian Luthor campaigning for all alien life forms to be extinguished from the planet.

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Similarly, if the "Supergirl Defense" continues to be used, then it could lead to some form of government intervention or legislation, much like the Sokovia Accords agreement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Supergirl may be our hero, but she may need to watch her back in the future!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.


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