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This article contains spoilers from The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover, "Duet."

When the announcement was first made that we would be getting a musical crossover between The Flash and , everybody had something to say about it. Some were over the moon while others weren't so pleased. But whether you were a fan or not, there's no doubt about it — the musical couldn't have come at a better time.

While Season 3 of The Flash has produced some strong episodes, the season as a whole received negative feedback due to its dark and depressing tone. The characters who used to make us smile were somehow constantly making us cry. And due to this, the musical crossover reinvigorated the show on so many levels.

'The Flash' Found Its Heart Again

When The Flash first debuted back in 2014, the series was commended for its warm and cheerful tone. While its parent show focused on the gritty nature of crime-fighting, The Flash decided to offer a colorful look at the metahuman world through the friendly eyes of the Scarlet Speedster.

Barry Allen was a relatable, nerdy guy who was always surrounded by his affectionate family — and this ensured that the show appealed to such a wide audience.

But Season 3 took a major step away from that direction. Between the negative side-effects of Flashpoint and the terrifying wrath of Savitar, the season has been marred with dark storylines, most of which have had depressing outcomes. Gone was the family appeal and colorful characters — The Flash was no longer the fun superhero show we all knew and loved, set apart from all the others. Now, it had become just one of the many gritty re-tellings of our favorite . In a way, it lost its identity.

However, that's where the musical comes in, as this episode used song to take us right back to the start. Suddenly, the depressed Barry Allen was bursting into song. Not only did moments like these showcase Grant Gustin's exceptional tap-dancing skills, they reminded us of what The Flash once was ... and what we hope it could become again.

Furthermore, the "Super Friend" duet with Supergirl was incredibly humorous — another trait the show had prided itself on being over the years.

While "Duet" did indeed still focus on dark themes — such as the gang war between Barrowman, Garber and Martin's characters — it managed to do so in a lighthearted manner. After all, the gangs were feuding over their children's forbidden love. From the opening flashback, which featured Barry's mom Nora, to the blood feud in the musical, family and love were driving forces of this episode, despite all the darkness. And that was something that The Flash had seemingly forgot about — until now.

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West-Allen Comes Full Circle

Fans of both the comics and the TV show will know that Iris West is Barry Allen's one true love. There is just no doubt about it — Iris is his lightning rod and always keeps him grounded in spite of the metahuman madness. She is there for him when he needs her most and that has always come across on screen.

Barry and Iris. [Credit: The CW]
Barry and Iris. [Credit: The CW]

The show has done a remarkable job of telling WestAllen's story. From the beginning, when they were childhood best friends growing up in the same house as brother and sister, to the loving relationship that eventually blossomed between them. But despite the fact that they finally got together this season, there have been times it felt like they were anything but happy.

Of course, Savitar's prophecy of Iris' impending death has forced Barry to fight for her life, but in doing so, he ended up pushing her away. And their short-lived engagement and eventual breakup is evidence of this. However, "Duet" finally found a way to remedy this — through song. When there was nothing left to say, Barry decided to sing his feelings to Iris instead.

The romantic performance was easily one of the pair's best moments in the show's three-year run, and was undoubtedly a worthy moment for Barry's heartfelt proposal. It didn't just bring Barry and Iris' story full-circle, it did so in a way that reminded us why they will always be the show's ultimate relationship.

Despite the troubling season, Barry and Iris are closer now than ever before, and not even Savitar will be able to separate them.

Duet: The crossover with 'Supergirl' reinvigorated 'The Flash'. [Credit: The CW]
Duet: The crossover with 'Supergirl' reinvigorated 'The Flash'. [Credit: The CW]

Despite the initial controversy surrounding The Flash's musical crossover with Supergirl, it truly couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. When the show's grim third season was close to alienating its fanbase, the showrunners used the power of song to remind us what made the series brilliant in the first place.

With plenty of heartfelt moments, witty dialogue and beautiful performances, "Duet" has singlehandedly brought The Flash back to where it needs to be. Just when we thought we had lost all hope in our favorite show, the musical crossover with Supergirl reminded us all why we fell in love with the show in the first place. The Scarlet Speedster is back — and perhaps better than ever.

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