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After weeks of teasing an important moment for the fan-favorite couple, Supergirl's finale reminded us that Alex and Maggie have a bright future ahead.

A threatening Daxamite invasion on National City made all of the characters ponder life a little more, and Kara advised Alex to never let her girlfriend go. This compelled Alex to immediately propose to Maggie. Thankfully, Maggie responded a warm smile that signified "yes."

Relive the adorable scene below:

It was beautiful to witness their romance evolve over the course of Supergirl's second season. Alex's coming out storyline was genuine, treated with care and relatable for the show's audience. Maggie was there for her throughout the entire journey, and the two grew together as each episode passed. The positive reception towards the couple has even created an uplifting movement among fans, who have been brave enough to share emotional coming out stories of their own.

Actresses Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima truly care about the depth of their on-screen relationship. Leigh expressed to The Wrap that she was initially concerned over how this aspect would be displayed:

“I was really concerned about how it was going to be approached. I didn’t want it to be some ratings ploy. I wanted to make sure that if this was done, and we were doing something at this level, and this is a character now that’s on a comic book show — I know they’ve done it with ‘Arrow’ and there’s characters in the Arrowverse [that are LGBT] — but because this is such a female-driven show, I wanted to make sure it was done delicately.”

I'm excited, to say the least, for Alex and Maggie's future wedding! As Supergirl has excelled with lesbian representation thus far, we can expect more groundbreaking moments for the couple in the show's third season.

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(Source: The Wrap)


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