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The romance between Supergirl and Mon-El has been the subject of much division this season. Many think the relationship doesn't work while others consider the pair to be "couple goals." It's certainly has had its ups and downs this season with no one ever certain they were going to last beyond the mid-season finale. Surprisingly, Kara and weathered many storms and were still a couple in the final episode. But not every superhero gets a happily ever after.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of Supergirl!

With Queen Rhea set to take over the world, was forced to unleash a weapon that made the atmosphere uninhabitable for Daxamites, which meant Mon-El had to leave or he would die. And while Kara began nursing a broken heart, fans of the couple, called , took to Twitter to express their own grief:

While the mourning continues, speculation has already begun on Mon-El's future. Will he return to National City, or will he take his place with the Legion of Superheroes? Fans are pointing toward the portal that opened up toward the end of the episode which could land Mon-El in the Phantom Zone which, according to comic book lore, is where he was discovered by the Legion in the 30th century.

And while there is no official word on whether or not will return to Supergirl next season, one has to wonder what the point of showing Mon-El's pod going into the portal was, if not to set up a plot line for Season 3. Alas, there are other fans hoping that is not the case:

And though Supergirl must suffer, fans of can always follow the romance of the real-life couple, Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood, because whatever is in store for Mon-El will remain a mystery until Supergirl returns this fall. It's going to be a long summer!

Do you think Mon-El should return, or are you happy he's gone?


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