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Supergirl has gotten better and better since it moved from CBS to The CW for its second season. The hit superhero drama has had one hell of a second season, consisting of a spectacular crossover with The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, a groundbreaking LGBT storyline involving Kara's sister Alex, guest appearances from Wonder Woman icon Lynda Carter and former Lois Lane Teri Hatcher and, of course, the introduction of Superman himself.

After last week's episode saw the long awaited return of Ally McBeal legend Calista Flockhart and her fierce character Cat Grant, viewers were anticipating an action-packed finale — and that's exactly what they got.

This article contains spoilers from Supergirl Season 2.

Kara was forced to take on her cousin; the well known, handsome and all around charming Clark Kent — except he wasn't anything like his usual charming self in tonight's episode. Why? Because Queen Rhea of Daxam had him under her control, and it set the stage for an epic battle between the two Kryptonian cousins. Moreover, it set the stage for Supergirl to do something really brave and prove that the female superheroine deserves to share the same beloved status as her more famous cousin.

Superman Vs Supergirl Was A Battle Worth Waiting For

We're living in a world that loves to see superheroes face off; just look at the superhero movies we've had in the last year — Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I can't tell you why, but we just love watching our favorite heroes go at it and, if you're a fan of Supergirl, then you were no doubt delighted with tonight's Season 2 finale.

The episode featured several battles but the one that left the internet in pieces was Kara taking on her more famous cousin, Superman. As Rhea manipulated Superman with silver Kryptonite, the Man of Steel could only see his cousin as his mortal enemy — Zod. Fans drew comparisons to Batman V Superman with some calling it the battle we've been waiting for:

The brutal battle featured some great CGI, and in the end it was Supergirl who was crowned the victor. It was a great fight and it set our expectations really high for the rest of the finale — thankfully, the episode did not let us down. Take note, DCEU.

However, let's not forget how important it is that Supergirl managed to overpower her more famous cousin. It's certainly not something that would have happened in the past and, despite the strong female focus of some upcoming DCEU movies, a Supergirl victory likely wouldn't be a storyline of one of those films either.

Supergirl Is Stronger Than Superman

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

In our world, Supergirl is not often listed among the greatest comic book heroes; in fact — while we're on that subject — there has been no sign of the heroine popping up in any DCEU movies. Up until recently, many superhero fans didn't know who Supergirl was or perhaps believed that she was the female equivalent of the Man of Steel. The Supergirl TV series has proven otherwise and given the superheroine her own platform to show what she's capable of. Interestingly, Supergirl's lack of reputation is often a running gag on the show, seen more recently in The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover where it was revealed through song that Kara is simply not as famous as her cousin, and it bothers her.

After Hoechlin's Superman made his first appearance on the hit CW series, the internet was raving about how Hoechlin's character deserved his own show. While that indeed may be the case, it does beg the question — why can't Supergirl be the star of her own show without her cousin taking center stage? Well the writers clearly felt the same as tonight's season finale featured Kara's victory over the Man of Steel.

It was pretty brave of Supergirl to do this — the Man of Steel is arguably the most beloved comic book hero of all time and, unfortunately, Supergirl is still a much lesser known character. Moreover, tonight's episode saw Superman himself say that he felt "humbled" to stand in Kara's presence, and that she was stronger than him, both physically and emotionally. With tonight's finale proving that Supergirl can go toe to toe with her more famous cousin, perhaps many comic book fans will start to see Supergirl as one of 's top female superheroes — Melissa Benoist proves week after week that Supergirl is worthy of such an honor.

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