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Before they became the Scarlet Speedster and Girl of Steel, and starred in the musical series Glee. Their singing and dancing backgrounds on FOX's hit show has prompted The CW to create a musical crossover for both The Flash and Supergirl.

The two-part crossover, which will see come back to Earth-1 for the first since the time since the Invasion crossover, starts on March 20th and concludes the following day on March 21st. While Gustin and Benoist will be providing their musical talents for the episode, fellow Glee alum Darren Criss will guest star as the villainous Music Meister for the crossover, along with various stars of the .

While all of this would be enough to get anyone excited for the upcoming crossover, the recent revelation that a certain fan-favorite hero will be receiving a costume update has made this crossover a must-see spectacle.

Supergirl Shall Be Receiving A New Costume

A recent tweet from ET's Leanne Aguilera has got fans hyped for the upcoming costume as she reveals that Supergirl will be receiving a "stunning" make-over.

An intriguing tweet to say the least, but the question now is: exactly could this costume be?

The tweet does state that it's the musical crossover costume, so that rules out any major modifications to the regular costume. Could we maybe be expecting some kind of diamond encrusted cape? It will be "stunning," after-all.

Supergirl receiving a costume update is sure to tick off a lot of fans, who have been begging for the Scarlet Speedster to receive a new costume for over two years now. If anyone deserves an update it is The Flash; Supergirl has been rocking a comic accurate costume for two years now, let's give Flash some love!

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Has the news of a costume update got you guys more excited for the crossover episode? Or are you skeptical about it being a musical?


How psyched are you for the Flash/Supergirl crossover?


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