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We all got so excited at the prospect of the major crossover between , , and , that we never stopped to think about how these characters would interact with each other. Sure, we know that Supergirl and The Flash have insane chemistry as Kara and Barry were simply adorkable together on the Supergirl/The Flash crossover on CBS last April. But how will the Girl Of Steel interact with the notoriously moody Green Arrow?

The executive producer of The Flash, Andrew Kreisberg has shed some light on that scenario, commenting that the Emerald Archer may not find Supergirl's presence as infectiously fun as the others:

Part of Oliver’s [Stephen Amell] journey in those episodes is he’s kind of hit his breaking point for things he’s willing to accept. He’s had Mirakuru soldiers, the Lazarus Pit, magic, and Damien Darhk, but flying aliens who can incinerate you with their eyes is one beyond the pale for him. He’s keeping his distance, which is a very Oliver thing to do. Even Kara comments, ‘Does he not like me?’ Barry’s like, ‘No, that’s kind of how he treats everybody.’

I think after reading that, many of us just feel like "not again Ollie!" But the most interesting thing about this revelation is that it also sounds like the plot of one of this year's biggest superhero films. Thus, it leaves us wondering if we will see DC recreating their big-screen storylines on ?

Is This Batman V Superman All Over Again?

Iconic: Batman faces off against Superman. (via WB)
Iconic: Batman faces off against Superman. (via WB)

This year's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice saw the world's two greatest heroes colliding in a memorable spectacle that fans had been wanting to happen for decades. But before we knew anything about the film, many wondered — myself included — why on earth these two would fight. But it's quite simple, really — sort of. Uneasy with 's other-worldly abilities — not to mention his god-like status — Batman took it upon himself to take down the Man of Steel, fearing the day that the invincible alien might turn rogue.

And he ended up taking the fight to the fight to the Kryptonian in convincing fashion. It proved once and for all, that human heroes can stand toe to toe with their alien counterparts.

Bruce's logical worries led to the clash with Superman.
Bruce's logical worries led to the clash with Superman.

And now it looks like we may see a similar situation develop on the small screen between none other than Superman's cousin Supergirl and the Green Arrow. Kreisberg's revelation should come as no surprise really. Mr. Queen has a reputation of not getting along with his superfriends — remember that he sent two Arrows flying into Barry Allen's back, refused to let Black Canary fight crime and put an Arrow in Roy Harper's leg for doing the same thing.

But what's most interesting here is the clear similarities with Batman V Superman. Arrow's broody Oliver Queen has been compared to on many occasions, and it appears that his feelings towards aliens also reflect the Dark Knight's in .

So if Kara ends up asking Barry about Oliver's behavior, it's probably because the Green Arrow won't treat her as an equal. But the question is — will he ignore her, like he seems to love doing to people, or will he once again channel his inner Batman and call out the super-powered Kryptonian for a fight?

If the Green Arrow were to go up against Supergirl, it would certainly be worthy of the three-night, four-show crossover. It would also likely be a battle of tactics vs power — much like we saw in Batman v Superman — with the Green Arrow using Kryptonite weaponry to take Kara down — but would the Arrow-verse have Kryptonite? Could we see a clash between the two, or will they unite against what's coming.

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United Over A Common Enemy

So now that we've established that the Green Arrow won't be a major Supergirl fan (surprise, surprise), one has to wonder, will the two superheroes actually go face to face, or will an impending greater evil force them to stand together. Remember, in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the two titular characters put their differences aside and stood with Wonder Woman to take down the alien threat Doomsday. And it's looking like a strong possibility that we may see the same thing happen in the impending crossover.

United They Conquer: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman teamed up to stop Doomsday. (via WB)
United They Conquer: Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman teamed up to stop Doomsday. (via WB)

Much like in Batman V Superman, the CW's superhero crossover will also feature an alien big bad, in the form of the Dominators — an evil and intelligent alien race obsessed with harnessing the metagene, found in metahumans, for their own personal gain. They sound like a deadly threat, don't they?

So just as Batman and Superman teamed up to take down Doomsday, it's likely that we will see the Green Arrow putting his differences with Supergirl aside and that they will team up to stop the Dominators. After all, remember in the recently released Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 trailer, we clearly see Supergirl standing side by side with the Green Arrow and the Legends as they all look up into the sky, possibly awaiting the arrival of the Dominators.

Differences Aside: Supergirl and Green Arrow stand together with the Legends. (via The CW)
Differences Aside: Supergirl and Green Arrow stand together with the Legends. (via The CW)

So it seems tensions will be running high when the Arrow-verse officially introduces aliens into the fray with Supergirl's inter-dimensional debut during the CW's major superhero crossover. Green Arrow's inability to accept who and what Kara is may lead to issues teaming together and perhaps may even result in the two heroes clashing. A fight between the two would definitely be something worthy of the big screen.

However, it's also likely that all in-fighting among the heroes will stop when the Dominators invade the earth. Again, just DC's big-screen blockbuster, the heroes will stand together to stop the invincible invaders. There's nothing quite like an alien apocalypse to bring warring superheroes together, huh?

Check out Supergirl's introduction into the CW's Superhero Fight Club:

Do you think we'll see Green Arrow V Supergirl: Dawn Of Justice on the CW? Let us know in the comments below!

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