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Since found Mon-El in the Kryptonian pod and the show revealed his origin, fans were waiting to see him turning into . It hasn't been yet confirmed, but it is pretty obvious that he is heading to become Superman's substitute hero. The minute that Supergirl has figured out that he is not a villain and he has the potential to be a superhero she started training him and tried to help him find a place on Earth as an ordinary young man. She found him an internship at , gave him a pair of glasses and (after hours) struggled to help him get in control of his powers and be a good mentor to Mon-El as he emerges a superhero of National City. So far, so good. It seemed like things were heading in the right direction, and when Winn promised to make him a superhero suit and find him a superhero name, we were sure that he's already there.

Then things got a little different and Mon-El seemed to get sick of all that turning-into-a-superhero-stuff. He turned down his internship at Catco Worldwide Media and tried to find a job for himself. That didn't go so well either, and in a very short time he switched again from the rebel alien to the wannabe superhero and helped save the day on the last episode "Changing."

At the end of the episode we see him willing to help what appears to be a homeless man, but by doing so he ends up being kidnapped by Cadmus. The big question now is: How are the producers going to manage Mon-El's transformation into Superboy? What is the real stake for Cadmus bringing Mon-El in? Will Mon-El turn into Superboy by his free will (as expected), or will Cadmus make him into Superman-like weapon?

We are asking ourselves these questions because we know two major origin stories for Superboy, one of the two featuring Mon-El, but the original Superboy is Kon-El.

Kon-El, the original Superboy, is a clone of Superman created by Executive Director of Project Cadmus, Paul Westfield. He has almost the same abilities that the Man of Steel, save flight and heat vision (which he'll develop later with the help of a LexCorp technology). Kon-El is a founding member of .

Mon-El is, in fact, Lar Gand, a son of Daxam. Originally, he was an explorer who first landed on Krypton, where Jor-El warned him about the imminent destruction of their home planet. With a desire of saving him, Jor-El gives Mon-El a pod, setting the coordinates of Earth, and that's how Mon-El gets on Earth in the first place. He suffers from amnesia, and when he meets Superman (or Superboy in some versions) he discovers his similar powers and struggles to become a substitute superhero for the Man of Steel.

In Supergirl, it seems like we'll have something from both versions, and maybe they're trying to mix them up. Mon-El's kidnapping in the last episode by Cadmus could be related to Project Cadmus, which has not yet been teased in the show, but this could be a pretty good chance to bring it to the table.

If this theory is right and we'll get to see Mon-El turned into Superboy by Project Cadmus, and with the introduction of and (James Olsen) on the show, I think we're pretty close from what could be a Young Justice TV show. With the animated series Young Justice being officially renewed for a third season, having this beloved team on a TV show is a real treat for DC fans out there. CW has already brought to the Arrowverse , and . Maybe if we get really lucky, we could see and one of these days too.

Perhaps they could eventually work in some huge team-up fights scenes in future episodes too, like this clip from Young Justice:

If you missed it, the promo for Supergirl Season 2 Episode 7 "The Darkest Place" is available and you can watch it right here:

Supergirl airs every Monday on CW.


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