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is the girl of steel that protects National City (and the world) from alien threats, working alongside her sister Alex, the and the rest of the DEO. , who plays Supergirl, revealed during a Q&A session with fans that there is a small inside joke on the set about how Alex would make a perfect . However, is Alex really being set up to don the cowl and become instead? Supergirl's creators are already proving to be unafraid of shifting comic book continuity to alter a character's identity.

Meet A New Guardian

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times
Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

, portrayed by Mehcad Brooks, is set to become the hero Guardian after asking Winn to help him become a superhero. This will see the codename "Guardian" being used by a new character outside of the comics, in a similar manner to how turned Mal Duncan into Guardian. So, why is Alex perfect to become Batwoman?

She Has The Skills Required

Firstly, she already has the fighting skills. Upon joining the DEO, she was made to go through a vigorous six months of combat training. This has turned her into one of the best fighters in the show. She has faced off against numerous alien threats and even has a Kryptonian kill under her belt when she was forced to kill Supergirl's aunt Astra in Season 1.

She has even proven to be capable of thinking fast in a tactical scenario. One example was when she knew she wasn't strong enough to go up against a prison guard gone rogue from Fort Rozz. With him zapping away Supergirl's powers using a simulated red sun, Alex kept him busy and managed to fire rounds into the ceiling allowing the sun to bathe Supergirl and restore her powers.

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She Has The Looks And Personality

Katy Kane and Alex Danvers
Katy Kane and Alex Danvers

The characters actually share a striking resemblance. Both have short, light brown hair, they love a leather jacket and generally keep their outfit pretty simple. Both also know how to glam it up when the time comes and look stunning in a dress. As if that wasn't enough, the pair have similar personalities. Both are direct, inquisitive and confident in their skill and abilities. With Alex being an original character to the show, you can even speculate that Katy Kane may have inspired the character's look and personality.

Where Would She Get Her Gear?

Luckily, she wouldn't have far to go to find help in suiting up as Batwoman. Winn has become the local National City stop for all your superhero needs.

Winn helped Kara create her look and with her acting as his guinea pig, he quickly perfected the art of helping to create a superhero. With Jimmy having him follow up his skills he is likely to learn more. It is also highly likely we will see Winn create a suit for Mon-El during Season 2, as Mon-El did try and tempt Winn out of the DEO by creating him a superhero identity. So with all of this, creating a Batwoman outfit for Alex would be a piece of cake.

To complete the outfit, she would however need some gadgets. I wonder where she could find those? Oh wait! She works for a highly secret and well funded government organization with lots of high-tech toys to play with. This would complete Batwoman with a utility belt filled with surprises.

Gotham Is Now Established In Supergirl

As you hear around the 40 second mark of the trailer above, is name dropped. This implies the city has it own problems, which can mean only one thing: exists in Supergirl's world. With Batwoman having an origin away from Batman, it could be their reason for the to arrive in National City himself. While it is unlikely for Batman to appear during Season 2, it would be the new big name to appear in Season 3. The show saved Superman for Season 2, so it would only be logical for Batman to be the a big arrival for the next season.

Her Newly Discovered Sexuality

Another area being explored by the character is her sexuality. After meeting Maggie Sawyer (portrayed by Floriana Lima), Alex begins to feel things new to her and has now begun to admit she might be gay. Meanwhile, Batwoman is perhaps one of the most iconic LGBT comic book characters ever created, and Maggie has always been portrayed with Batwoman in the comics as an ally. Oh, and did I mention Maggie Sawyer even dated her in the comics? With the way Alex and Maggie's relationship is going, the pair could become lovers sooner rather than later.

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She Is Becoming More Of A Detective

Image Credit: Supergirl Wiki
Image Credit: Supergirl Wiki

With Alex now knowing the truth, she is on a mission to find her father. While Supergirl and Martian Manhunter have both vowed to help Alex, finding Jeremiah appears to be Alex's goal for the series. Martian Manhunter has now discovered M'gann and Supergirl is helping Mon-El find his place on Earth. We have already seen her use her intelligence to find her first clues to Cadmus and expose a mole within the DEO.

Add to this her new relationship with Maggie, and Alex is going to be exposed to more detective-based work. With this new discovery, it could cause Alex to leave the DEO and head into detective work with Maggie. This would make sense, as Alex has revealed that she joined the DEO to protect Kara. However, now that Kara is proving to be able to look after herself, Alex may find her purpose within the DEO fading.

Image Credit: Comic Vine
Image Credit: Comic Vine

Alex is ideal to play Batwoman, and all the ingredients are already in the show to allow it to happen. Batwoman would be far easier for them to introduce on the show without Batman. It would also give Alex more purpose, as the character is showing recognition of the fact that Supergirl needs her less now that she has become a superhero. There could also be a small joke: Kara was named Supergirl, which Kara found slightly offensive, while Alex would be named Batwoman. With the way things are going, we could possibly see Alex don the cowl before the finale of the season to increase the number of heroes for Season 3.


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