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The latest trailer for Justice League, released at San Diego Comic-Con, certainly got fans talking — especially the final shot featuring Alfred Pennyworth talking to a mysterious figure, explaining that he fears the mystery person may be too late.

Most fans are speculating that this figure is Superman, and it may well be. But another shot of the trailer suggests that we may have actually seen a glimpse of another Kryptonian: .

Kara, Is That You?

During the trailer, Bruce Wayne in the Batcave looks at a hologram of a red-caped individual, accompanied by the dialogue "No Kryptonian." Most fans would probably assume that this is Superman, but if you look a bit more closely, it could well be another member of the House of El.

As the cape flutters in the wind, you can see that rather than Superman's blue suit covering the legs, they're uncovered. There's also the fact that they appear much slimmer than Clark Kent's legs and they're also sporting some rather fetching boots that indicate that we may well be looking at Supergirl rather than Superman.

We already know from that Bruce Wayne has been keeping tabs on the other superheroes, so it wouldn't be completely out there to assume that he's also aware of Superman's cousin. Whether or not Warner Bros. has cast the role is another matter, but it has already been established that Kara exists within the .

The Man Of Steel Prequel Comic

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

The official Prequel comic from 2013 tells the story of Kara Zor-El's arrival on Earth. As a trained pilot, she is involved in a mission to expand Krypton's empire throughout the universe. However, after a murderer stows away on her ship and alters its course, she finds herself in close proximity to Earth and gifted with superpowers thanks to the yellow sun. After using her newfound superpowers to defeat the stowaway, she had to crash-land the ship on Earth; the ship then became the Fortress of Solitude that we see in Man of Steel.

When Clark Kent arrives in the arctic and explores the ship, we see that there's an open pod in the background. This pod clearly belongs to Kara, and her arrival on Earth predates her cousin's.

Kara's Pod in Man of Steel [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Kara's Pod in Man of Steel [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Presumably, she may have been saving the world in secret for many years and, after his discovery of Wonder Woman and the rest of the league, it's safe to assume that she would be on Batman's radar because of this.

The Element Of Surprise

There have been rumors that Supergirl will appear in Man of Steel 2, particularly after a report emerged online stating that she would be introduced in Justice League. The fact that she already exists within the DCEU is certainly something to back this claim up, but as yet, it's unconfirmed.

If Kara were to show up in Justice League it would certainly be a nice surprise for the fans. In the age of social media, it's almost impossible for film studios to keep major casting decisions a secret, so it would be a nice change if they were able to surprise the audience in this way. There was a lot of criticism when the trailers for Batman v. Superman revealed that Doomsday would feature in the film, so perhaps Warner Bros. wants to keep a few more secrets this time around.

There's also the fact that she would be a wildcard on the team. Steppenwolf has obviously taken the opportunity to attack the Earth while it is vulnerable, and he clearly believes that there are no Kryptonians protecting the planet. What if he's wrong?

After the success of Wonder Woman, knows that there's an appetite for strong female , which makes Justice League the perfect opportunity to introduce Supergirl — and spring a surprise on us and Steppenwolf at the same time.

Would you like to see Supergirl in Justice League? Let me know in the comments!


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