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After a strong start and a slightly less-strong finish, Supergirl Season 1 set up a big challenge for Season 2, as the show needed to soar to new heights. And "The Adventures of Supergirl" did exactly that.

The first episode of Supergirl Season 2 was one of the show's best yet, as Kara finally teamed up with her cousin in an exciting and poignant episode, with plenty of plot hints for arcs that will no doubt last the season. Who is the guy in the pod? And why is Cadmus building super soldiers in the form of Metallo?

Supergirl and Superman have some big threats to face in Season 2. [The CW]
Supergirl and Superman have some big threats to face in Season 2. [The CW]

We may not have the answers to these questions yet, but what we do have are a ton of hidden hints in the form of Easter Eggs — and one character may be a spy for Lex Luthor.

A Luthor Corp Plant

Supergirl Season 2 is diving straight into a core part of the Superman/Supergirl story by bringing in the Luthors — as Lena Luthor tries to make a new start for herself and her company, Lex attempts to have her killed. The day may have been saved by the cousins of steel, but it's safe to say that we haven't heard the last of Lex Luthor yet... and he may be spying on Cat Grant via his assistant Eve Teschmacher.

It's easy to miss little Miss Teschmacher in the first episode of Supergirl Season 2. She's the humble new assistant, terrorized by Cat Grant's mood swings and just trying to do a good job. But her name should be familiar for Supes fans, as this character appeared in two Superman movies: Superman (1978), and Superman II (1980).

The Misses Teschmacher: Eve in 'Superman' and 'Supergirl'. [WB/The CW]
The Misses Teschmacher: Eve in 'Superman' and 'Supergirl'. [WB/The CW]

Is Miss Teschmacher's appearance just a nod to Supermen past, or a hint that Lex has devious plans for Cat Grant? It's difficult to tell — and Cat's Lex-like bellow of "Miss Teschmaaacheeeeer!" definitely puts this in excellent reference territory — but it's a big coincidence for someone loyal to Lex to appear in Supergirl just when the Luthors become part of the main story. So keep your eye on humble Miss Teschmacher, as she may not be what she seems.

We've Seen This Story Before

There's more evidence that Teschmacher is loyal to Lex in other Easter Eggs hidden throughout Supergirl Season 2, as this version of the story seems to be following the same pattern as the Christopher Reeves Superman movies.

In these films — and in the backstory to Bryan Singer's reboot/sequel Superman Returns (2006) — Lex Luthor creates an earthquake off the coast of California in order to sink the sea-front, thereby transforming cheaper real estate further inland (which Lex owns) into premium beach-side properties.

Of course, Superman foils this scheme and sends Lex straight to jail — and it looks like Tyler Hoechlin's Superman did the exact same thing prior to Supergirl Season 2, as Winn revealed when he fanboy-ed all over the Man of Steel.

"When Lex Luthor set off the earthquake in California, did you gauge the focal depth with your x-ray vision?"

Lena later confirms that yes, her adopted brother is in jail, so it seems as though we're seeing the same plot play out again. The Supergirl Season 2 writers have the chance to develop an interesting story and add in new elements in the form of the morally-ambiguous Lena Luthor, and the possible spy Miss Teschmacher.

Cat's Crush On Clark

But it's not all plot-setups and hidden hints. There was an amusing nod to the comic books through Cat's reaction to Clark Kent, as in the comics she's smitten with him — and determined to steal the mild-mannered yet hunky reporter away from her rival, Lois Lane.

Somehow, I just can't see Calista Flockheart reenacting this scene. [DC]
Somehow, I just can't see Calista Flockheart reenacting this scene. [DC]

Yet unlike the comics, this version of Cat Grant is hardly the man-stealing stereotype who uses her feminine wiles to fluster Clark. In Supergirl, it's the other way around, as Clark's arrival sends Cat into a flurry of nerves.

Supergirl Season 1 established that Lois and Cat are bitter rivals, as they competed for scoops — and possibly Clark's affection — during Cat's time working at the Daily Planet. We have yet to see Lois onscreen in Supergirl, but it was great to see Cat get flustered over Clark, as it added some nuance to her character.

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's... Comic Book Catchphrases!

It wouldn't be an episode of Supergirl without catchphrases from the comics, and S02E01 had them in abundance. The well-known "this is a job for Superman" line was adapted again when Superman soared in to help Supergirl out.

"Looks like this is a job for the both of us!"

Kara's line wasn't just a nod to the comics, but a callback to Season 1 — in "Fight of Flight" Clark contacted Kara in an endearing scene, telling her:

"You stopped Reactron. Something I could never do. Guess it was a job for Supergirl."

The Kryptonian heroes finally team up. [The CW]
The Kryptonian heroes finally team up. [The CW]

And later on, the dynamic duo teamed up to complete another catchphrase, the delightfully cheesy "up, up, and away!"

Superman will only appear in one more episode of Supergirl Season 2 (that we know of), but so far Tyler Hoechlin and Melissa Benoist have proved they're the perfect team, and we can't wait to see Supergirl and Superman work together again.

Tell us in the comments: Did you spot any more Easter Eggs in "The Adventures of Supergirl"?

Clark and Kara have a great relationship. [The CW]
Clark and Kara have a great relationship. [The CW]


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