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Supergirl soared back onto our screens in Season 2 Episode 9, delivering one of the season's most enjoyable episodes. We finally got to see Kara journey to another planet, accompanied by the increasingly endearing — and yet suspiciously cryptic — Mon-El, as they uncovered a traffiking ring run by none other than Dichen Lachman's Roulette. (Though, as Slaver's Moon was "lousy" with diamonds, we were left wondering why Roulette would go to all the trouble of kidnapping people, instead of just picking diamonds off the ground and selling them back on Earth.)

In the meantime, Winn got an interesting little character development beat, as he overcame his fear of venturing out into the field when his nerdy dreams came true and he got to visit an alien planet.

Winn got over his "Redshirt" fears. [Credit: The CW]
Winn got over his "Redshirt" fears. [Credit: The CW]

And although Alex grew concerned that her new romance with Maggie was distracting her from protecting Kara, she eventually realized that she can't be totally focused on Supergirl all the time. All in all, it was a fantastic and fun episode, one which dropped plenty of Easter Eggs and plot hints for the rest of the season. And if there's one mystery that needs solving, it's that of Mon-El's past...

The Lost Prince Of Daxam

This certainly seems to be the revelation that Season 2 is building towards, after Mon-El hinted to Kara that he had not told her everything about his escape from Daxam. "Supergirl Lives" dropped more hints about Mon-El's secret, concluding with two hooded figures searching for Mon-El on Slaver's Moon. But the most intriguing hint actually came earlier in the episode, when the lone Dominator allowed Mon-El to escape.

It's worth pointing out that in the comic books, the Dominators were old allies of Daxam, and the original Invasion! comic even saw the Daxamites join forces with the Dominators and other aliens in an effort to conquer Earth. Although this did not happen in the adaptation of the plot, it's likely that we'll discover Daxam's ties to the Dominators later on in Supergirl Season 2.

But even with their alliance with Daxam, why would a Dominator bow to a mere palace guard? The answer seems to be that Mon-El is actually the prince he claims died on Daxam — and our suspicions of this were only reinforced when Mon-El told Kara the prince "wasn't worth admiring". Hmmm.

The Star-Spangled Kid

In one of the show's most subtle Easter Eggs, Guardian's first appearance in DC's Star-Spangled Comics was referenced when Winn helped his buddy out with an arrest. Check out the text on the van door:

Winn always makes the best references, whether he means to or not. [Credit: The CW]
Winn always makes the best references, whether he means to or not. [Credit: The CW]

Guardian was initially the alter ego of policeman Jim Harper, great uncle of Green Arrow's sidekick Roy Harper — but in Supergirl, this moniker has been given to Jimmy Olsen.

Now You're Thinking With Stargates

Most of this episode's Easter Eggs were courtesy of ultra-geek Winn Schott, who, when tinkering with Roulette's transport device, said that they were "thinking with portals" — which is a well-known line from the video game Portal.

But that's not the only "transmatter portal" that Winn is a fan of, and when he discovered what the device did he immediately exclaimed:

There are clear parallels between Roulette's portal and the one from the popular scifi show Stargate SG-1, right down to the glowing, liquid-like center.

Kevin Smith was thinking with Stargates. [Credit: The CW / MGM]
Kevin Smith was thinking with Stargates. [Credit: The CW / MGM]

It seems that Alex might have been a fan of Stargate SG-1 too, as she tells Winn to "dial us home" — a phrase that was frequently used in the show, thanks to how the Stargates were controlled by dialers.

Winn Boldly Goes...

And of course, a trip to a strange new world would not be complete without a Star Trek reference, which Winn (naturally) took care of.

Still suffering from anxiety after his earlier mission with Guardian, Winn comforted himself by adamantly stating he was "not a Redshirt". This term was coined by Star Trek fans, because the characters most likely to die in The Original Series were the expendable engineers or security personnel, who wore red uniforms.

Attacked by a mysterious machine? Just another day for a Redshirt. [Credit: CBS]
Attacked by a mysterious machine? Just another day for a Redshirt. [Credit: CBS]

Thankfully, Winn was spared a Redshirt's gruesome fate.

Keeping The Earth Spinning

In a sweet scene, Mon-El told Kara he wanted to become a superhero just like her, so that he could also help "keep the world spinning". While it's not a direct reference, this was still reminiscent of the 1978 Superman movie, in which Superman uses his powers of flight and speed to literally spin the Earth backwards, turning back the clock in the process.

Now that's a classy way to time travel. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Now that's a classy way to time travel. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Admittedly, this Easter Egg might just be a coincidence — but considering that nerd god Kevin Smith directed the episode, I'd say there's a safe bet that this phrase was deliberately chosen as a callback to the iconic Superman movie.

Spot any more Easter Eggs? Tell us in the comments!


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