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When Supergirl soared into the , we knew this was the start of something great — now, after The CW Invasion! crossover has aired, we can safely say we were right. Kara brought a fantastic dynamic to the Super Friends, proving that she isn't just powerful backup, she's also a fun and valuable member of the team.

Invasion! really left us wanting more individual crossovers between and The CW's other DC shows. Of course, The Flash and Supergirl will cross over in a musical event in 2017, but we definitely want to see more from Kara and Ollie sparking off each other. Personally, I'm hoping for Kara to cross over to Legends of Tomorrow at some point too, as her scenes with Mick were some of the best in the arc.

I just want an episode where Mick and Sara compete for Kara's affections. [CW]
I just want an episode where Mick and Sara compete for Kara's affections. [CW]

Well, we do know some of Invasion! will continue even now the crossover's over, as the Dominators continue to be a threat in Supergirl Season 2.

Return Of The Dominators

Before the crossover aired, exec Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a screening in LA that Kara will once again face this threat to Earth.

"This is not the last you see of the Dominators. The Dominators will return on 'Supergirl' later this season."

Because this series is set in another universe, it seems likely that the Dominators we'll see later in Season 2 are in fact the ones from Kara's universe, not the Arrowverse. And Kara already dropped some hints about their role in Kryptonian history.

According to Kara, the Dominators attacked Krypton before she was born, killing many and experimenting on others. Presumably, the Kryptonians beat the Dominators back — it's possible that in the Arrowverse, Krypton was actually conquered by the Dominators, explaining why there's no Supergirl or Superman in that universe. We still don't know how the Dominators were beaten in Kara's universe, but it may have something to do with Project Medusa, the alien-killing virus created by Kara's father.

It did seem a little odd that Kara didn't think to pop back to her Earth to get this weapon during the Invasion! crossover. Although the isotope needed to deploy the virus was all used up on Earth-38, it's likely that Team Tech Support could have come up with a way to disseminate the bio-weapon.

Felicity and Cisco probably could have modified Medusa. [CW]
Felicity and Cisco probably could have modified Medusa. [CW]

But Kara didn't so much as mention to her new super friends that she knows of a weapon that would destroy all the Dominators, and there's a very good reason for that — she believes using this weapon is wrong.

A No-Win Scenario

The episode "Medusa" may have set up a difficult situation for Kara when she inevitably encounters these powerful aliens again, though we don't yet know which Dominators will arrive in Supergirl Season 2. They could be the Dominators from the Arrowverse, suggesting that the barriers between Earth-38 and Earth-1 are breaking down, facilitating lots of crossover opportunities as villains from each CW show escape to the others (much like the Legion of Doom in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2).

But it might be far more interesting to see the other Dominators, the ones that the Kryptonians managed to defeat, back for vengeance against Kara — and hopefully, her cousin too, because we all want to see Tyler Hoechlin's Superman guest star again.

The Kryptonian cousins in the 'Supergirl' Season 2 premiere. [CW]
The Kryptonian cousins in the 'Supergirl' Season 2 premiere. [CW]

This would be a twist on the tale, especially if these Dominators are fewer in number, and even more vicious now they've learned from their mistakes with the attempted Kryptonian invasion.

Without her allies, the Dominators would present a formidable force against Supergirl, and it's entirely possible that the situation will get dire enough for Kara to consider Project Medusa as a last resort, maybe as she's pressured to use the weapon by the DEO. Ultimately, Kara would have to decide to use Medusa to kill all aliens on Earth so the human race can survive — or allow the Dominators to conquer the planet.

Another Side To The Story

However, this plot seems a little similar to both Invasion! and the Supergirl Season 1 finale. While it would be interesting to see Kara forced to choose between humans and aliens, it's possible that the Dominators will return in a totally unexpected way.

Cisco and Nate speak to a Dominator in "Invasion!" [CW]
Cisco and Nate speak to a Dominator in "Invasion!" [CW]

Supergirl Season 2 has been a real step up in terms of storytelling quality, and it's been a delight to watch so far. This is thanks in a large part to the subversion of the tired evil-alien-of-the-week structure from Season 1 — instead, aliens are now immigrants and refugees, hiding from society and demanding better civil rights.

So far this has been a fantastic decision on the part of the writers, especially as this theme of social isolation is reinforced by racial commentary from J'onn J'onzz and M'gann M'orzz, along with Alex's poignant coming out story. Plus, we got that awesome alien bar for all the characters to hang out in after work, and that's super fun.

Alex introduces Maggie to everyone at the bar. [CW]
Alex introduces Maggie to everyone at the bar. [CW]

With this in mind, it's possible that the Dominators we'll see later on in Supergirl Season 2 aren't actually an invading force, but just more covert alien citizens chilling at the bar. If the Kryptonians really did manage to wipe out most of the Dominators that tried to invade their planet, this would be another interesting subversion as Kara comes face to face with her culture's legacy.

Having said that, her experiences on Earth-1 will have taught her that the Dominators really are dangerous — and that maybe her father was right to create Project Medusa to save Krypton.


How do you think the Dominators will appear in 'Supergirl'?



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