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Supergirl Season 2 has really stepped up its game, doubling down on the show's key thematic strength: A compassionate and progressive examination of social prejudices. Season 2 has dealt with everything from xenophobia to internalized homophobia, and there's no denying that one of the season's high points has been Alex Danvers' coming out arc.

In Season 2 Episode 12, Alex finally opened up to her friends about dating Maggie Sawyer, and they all responded with congratulations. It was a lovely scene of support — one which sneakily established another character as something other than straight.

That character is none other than Season 2's resident heartthrob, the charmingly roguish yet mysterious Mon-El.

Sexuality Norms Are For Earthlings

What?! I hear you cry. Well, check out Mon-El's reaction to Alex's revelation that she and Maggie are dating. He's totally non-plussed, puzzled that Earthlings would oppose such an idea. And then there's this telling line:

As it turns out, Mon-El comes from a society where sexual preferences just don't exist, making every Daxamite pansexual. And not only that, but by Mon-El's statement it seems like they're all polyamorous too, meaning that anyone can date whoever they want in any number of combinations — open couples, trios, or even more. Lucky Daxamites.

Also, Mon-El and Winn are cute together. [Credit: The CW]
Also, Mon-El and Winn are cute together. [Credit: The CW]

Mon-El isn't the first character to espouse an alternate societal view of sexuality: Coming from an entirely female and therefore sapphic culture, Wonder Woman has long been subtextually (and in recent years, openly) written as bisexual. However, just like Wonder Woman, it's likely that Mon-El's revelation that Daxam has no sexual prejudice is probably as much as we'll ever see onscreen.

That's not to say we've never had hints of Mon-El's alternate approach to sexuality before: While he has shown a clear preference for women, Mon-El has flirted with men a few times, calling James a "professionally handsome desk person" in a previous episode. And I don't know about you, but I was definitely sensing some sexual tension between Mon-El and the prince in that flashback to his escape from Daxam...

Of course, when it comes to labeling alien characters as , we do come across the problem of projectivism: By our societal rules, Daxam's approach to sexuality means they're pansexual, but for them that's the norm. They have no need for sexual labels as the idea of preference and prejudice just doesn't exist. This may be part of Daxam's well-known hedonism — Krypton's neighboring planet values pleasure seeking, which as Kara revealed earlier on in Season 2, caused some friction between the two societies.

For now, it seems that Mon-El's plot is all caught up in his romantic feelings for Kara, as well as that intriguing secret he's been hiding. Next episode — "Mr. And Mrs. Mzxyptlk" — will feature Mon-El fighting for Kara's affections against a visiting trickster imp. But now that his sexuality has been established, it's possible that later episodes will follow up on this, which could be a really interesting way to combine Supergirl's alien plot lines with this season's theme of sexuality. After all, what better way to challenge our prejudices than to contrast Earth with a culture that is the polar opposite — via a dashingly flirtatious pansexual alien. I know that's something I'd like to see.


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