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In Season 2 Episode 12 of Supergirl, Lena Luthor's mettle was tested against her scheming mother, while Kara strove to protect her friend, both in her role as a reporter and as . This resulted in a strong story, exploring every aspect of Kara's life while presenting a compelling central conflict in the form of longtime Super-foes the Luthors.

Interesting parallels were drawn between Lena and Kara's relationship and the ill-fated friendship between Clark and Lex Luthor, hinting that Lena might just fall to her darker urges after all. There were certainly moments when we could see Lena seriously considering joining her mother's cause, but so far the youngest of the Luthor clan has proved herself to be pure(ish) of heart. Time will tell as to whether Lena's prejudice against aliens will rear its ugly head again — and the tensions bubbling under the surface are sure to rise up before the season's end.

Katie McGrath demonstrates that she can even have chemistry with the bars of her cell. [Credit: The CW]
Katie McGrath demonstrates that she can even have chemistry with the bars of her cell. [Credit: The CW]

Here's hoping Kara and Lena at least get to kiss before then (look, if this episode proved nothing else, it's that they have more chemistry than Kara does with this season's male love interest. Don't get me wrong, Mon-El is great... but Lena's better).

In any case, Lena's dubious loyalty wasn't the only question that "Luthors" provoked, and as a mysterious new villain made his flourishing entrance we were left wondering just who this thoroughly un-Googleable foe is. So before we get to the mysterious box that Lex left for Lillian, let's explore the strange and whimsical world of Mr Mxyzptlk (try saying that fast when you're drunk).

Who Is Mister Mxyzptlk?

Hold on to your hats, folks, because this is one obscure villain Kara's got on her hands next episode — which is, oddly, the Valentine's Day episode, airing a week too late. Well, that's what happens when you mess with the scheduling, .

Instead of Supergirl's usual bad guy heavies that she gets to punch every week, "Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk" will see Kara deal with a much less dangerous foe — and one that's much more difficult to defeat. A staple of the Superman comics, Mister Mxyzptlk pops in every so often to make Clark's life a misery, and now he seems to have set his sights of Kara's heart.

The aggravatingly named Mr Mxyzptlk (pronounced "mix-yez-pitel-ick") is a magical imp hailing from the fifth dimension — which, interestingly, is an area of the DC multiverse that none of The CW shows have explored yet. More an annoying trickster than a villain, Mr Mxyzptlk is known for causing all kinds of havoc in Metropolis, ranging from innocent pranks (enchanting the Mayor to sound like a donkey), to the distinctly more sinister (faking Lana's death to send Superman into a murderous rage).

Mr Mxyzptlk has had many incarnations. [Credit: DC]
Mr Mxyzptlk has had many incarnations. [Credit: DC]

As with all things DC Comics, Mr Mxyzptlk has had many different incarnations, but it seems like Supergirl is opting for the traditional mischevious trickster version of the character. In the Golden Age, the only way to defeat Mxyzptlk was to say his name backwards — pretty challenging, considering how difficult it is to even say forwards. In later comics, Mxyzptlk could only be banished back to the fifth dimension if the hero succeeds in tricking the trickster into doing something they'd already agreed upon. In either case, getting rid of the imp is fiendishly difficult, and that's when he hasn't determined to marry the protagonist — good luck, Kara!

What's In Lex Luthor's Box?

Lillian Luthor may have abandoned Lex's Kryptonite-laced warsuit — which was presumably destroyed in Metallo's nuclear blast — but she managed to abscond with a small silver box which she seemed to be very happy to discover.

I'm willing to bet we're going to find out exactly what's inside this intriguingly mysterious box soon, but until then we can speculate wildly. Lex Luthor has used many different weapons over the years, even wearing a Lantern Corps power ring for a time (well, a twisted Black Lantern version of what the rings are supposed to be).

Above all, Lex prefers to use technology he has created, and from Lillian's statement it certainly seems like whatever's in the box is a weapon of Lex's own design. Guessing what this could be is nearly impossible, but we can have a bash!

Lex in one of his more goofy inventions. [Credit: DC]
Lex in one of his more goofy inventions. [Credit: DC]

Here's just a few of the possibilities...

  • Ray Gun: Lex's gun was a staple of the early comics, but it does tend to be a bit bigger than that little metal box.
  • A Motherbox: Not exactly Lex's own creation, but it's possible that he used alien technology to reconstruct one of Darkseid's motherboxes.
  • Hybrid DNA: In the New 52, Lex used Superman's DNA to create a mutated monster strong enough to defeat the Kryptonian. While the box is far too tiny to house the Hyrid itself, it's plenty big enough for a DNA-fusing petri dish.
  • Brainiac cells: Lex has often teamed up with the Kryptonian computer Brainiac, and it's possible that he created a version of his own, storing the cells in the silver box.
  • The Kryptonite ring: For years, Lex wore a Kryptonite ring to deter Superman. While it's one of his most famous gadgets, the ring seems just a little too underpowered for Lillian to get that excited about.
  • A bioweapon: Just like Medusa, Lex could have created a bioweapon that targets alien DNA.

As impossible as it is to guess what's in the box, it seems likely that the Supergirl team have created an entirely new weapon to hide in Lex's mysterious box, one that suits the show's season arc. Only time will tell on that front.

Tell us in the comments: What do you think is hiding in Lex's box?

I just wanted to include a gif of Lena, ok? [Credit: The CW]
I just wanted to include a gif of Lena, ok? [Credit: The CW]


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