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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Supergirl's Season 2 Premiere

There had been a lot of anticipation for Supergirl's second season ever since we learned that the show would be moving over to The CW. A network move can be tough for a show, especially when it can lead to some drastic changes for the show itself. All eyes would be on Supergirl to see how it would transition.

However, since the shows move we've learned that it will take part in the annual CW Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow crossover as well as having its own musical crossover with The Flash. If that wasn't enough excitement we also learned that The CW would be using Superman this season and Tyler Hoechlin was cast as the Man of Steel. With all that anticipation, the premiere needed to be awesome. Thankfully it was, it really was. Let's take a look at the 6 greatest moments from the premiere episode entitled "The New Adventures Of Supergirl."

1. Superman And Supergirl Team Up For The First Time

Don't tell me you didn't get chills watching Superman and Supergirl together. (via The CW)
Don't tell me you didn't get chills watching Superman and Supergirl together. (via The CW)

I watch many TV shows but it's been a long time since I got goosebumps like I did watching Kara and Clark teaming up for the first time. As the world watched in horror as the Venture exploded, both Superman and Supergirl raced into action to save the passengers onboard the craft. Kara was delighted to see her cousin and together they pulled the craft to safety and out of harms way.

Kara was overjoyed at the idea of teaming up with her cousin and they enjoyed a family moment afterwards. I've got to hand it to Blake Neely; I'm a huge fan of his superhero scores but he really upped his game for this scene — arguably the best piece of music he's ever produced across all four superhero shows. Goosebumps!

2. Superman Confronts Martian Manhunter

Manhunter wasn't happy to see Superman. (via The CW)
Manhunter wasn't happy to see Superman. (via The CW)

We all saw an altercation coming between Superman and Martian Manhunter after the photos released last month, but as it turns out they have more of an ongoing feud as opposed to an argument. Clark is outraged that Hank (Manhunter) stores Kryptonite at his facility.

Hank tells Clark that it is for their protection against all Kryptonians — not against Kara or Clark. Seeing these two famous comic book characters exchanging words for the first time made my inner comic book nerd extremely happy. I hope we see more altercations between these two.

3. Cat Grant Geeks Out Over Clark Kent

Yas Queen! Cat getting all hot and bothered in front of Clark Kent. (via The CW)
Yas Queen! Cat getting all hot and bothered in front of Clark Kent. (via The CW)

Cat Grant completely nerded out over Clark Kent and scolded Kara for never mentioning that she knew him before. Cat was evidently excited at the fact that Clark came to her office and she even joked about his relationship with Lois Lane. The scene was definitely a nod to the Cat from the comics. I loved this scene — it was hilarious and Calista Flockhart played it brilliantly. Don't worry Cat, we were all nerding out about Clark with you.

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4. Superman And Supergirl Save Lena Luthor

Go get 'em, girl! (via The CW)
Go get 'em, girl! (via The CW)

When we first heard Lena Luthor would be coming to Supergirl, we all immediately thought that Lex would be coming too. We weren't necessarily wrong — Lex's presence was felt. Lena arrived in National City and claimed that she wants a fresh start, cutting all ties with her incarcerated brother. Apparently he hasn't cut all ties with her though, after several attempts are made on Lena's life and we all know that Lex is behind it.

Anyways, Kara wasn't going to allow her new bestie to become a victim of crime so both she and Clark swooped in to save Lena — as well as a bunch of other National city innocents in the process. Is there anything they can't do?

5. Cat Gives Kara More Encouragement

We'll miss you, Miss Grant. (via The CW)
We'll miss you, Miss Grant. (via The CW)

Kara had a huge decision to make — if you remember the first season ended with Cat allowing Kara to choose a career path and Cat would help her make it a reality. After hilariously scolding Kara for the entire episode at her lack of commitment to make a decision, she gave Kara an heart-warming speech about following your calling and finding your inner strength.

This scene really moved me and if I'm being honest I don't know how the show will cope with Flockhart's absences. The former Ally McBeal actress is the heart of the show and on top of being outrageously funny, she is one of the strongest characters on Supergirl.

6. Supergirl And Superman Save Luthor Corp

Was there ever a more dynamic duo? (via The CW)
Was there ever a more dynamic duo? (via The CW)

Lex Luthor didn't stop trying to murder his sister and another assassination attempt was made on both Lena and her Luthor Corp company. As Lena ran from the explosions, Kara and Clark again swooped into action as their crime fighting alter egos in an attempt to save the day. It was a tougher task this time as they had to stop an entire building from collapsing.

Clark held Luthor Corp in place as Kara fixed the inner structure of the building. Team work at it's finest. I'm genuinely in awe of this superhero pairing — Tyler Hoechlin is an excellent Superman.

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With an awesome premiere, it looks like Supergirl is settling into it's new home on The CW just fine. But the fun doesn't stop here — Tyler Hoechlin will be back in next week' instalment and we've still so much more to look forward to including that musical episode and TV's Wonder Woman Lynda Carter who will be guesting as the president of the United Sates. The Flash and Arrow have some work to do if they want to compete with The CW's new arrival. Welcome to your new home Supergirl!

Supergirl airs Monday nights on The CW. What was your favorite moment from the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl? Be sure to tell me in the comment section below.


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