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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Supergirl Season 2.

Supergirl may have switched networks from CBS to The CW but it hasn't suffered in the slightest. The second season of the Melissa Benoist led drama has went from strength to strength and saw the introduction of some renowned comic book characters including Mon-El and Miss Martian as well as an appearance from the iconic Lynda Carter. The storylines have been better paced this season, particularly the storyline that saw Alex Danvers' coming out as gay which was critically acclaimed.

The highlight of the season has without a doubt been the long awaited introduction of Kara's cousin, Superman with Tyler Hoechlin's performance as the Man of Steel receiving rave reviews. With the exception of Calista Flockhart's noticeable absence — the Ally McBeal star lives in LA and Supergirl now films in Vancouver — everything has improved in the super heroine's sophomore season. Although it's currently on it's mid season break, The CW have released a preview of what's coming up when the show returns in January and after viewing this we are more excited than ever.

Supergirl culminated with the introduction of the Dominators which led to the unforgettable four night crossover with other series' Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow. The first half of Season 2 has been pretty eventful and it looks like things for Kara, Winn, Alex and the rest of the DEO are set to get much worse before they get better. Let's take a look at what lies ahead for the team when Supergirl returns in the Spring.

The Return Of A Former Foe

Roulette caused trouble for all Aliens. [Via The CW]
Roulette caused trouble for all Aliens. [Via The CW]

The last time we saw Roulette was earlier this season when she was running an underground fighting tournament which consisted of alien on alien combat. If that wasn't bad enough, she was forcing her combatants to fight to the death and in the end many innocent aliens lost their life because of her. Kara and the team managed to apprehend Roulette but somehow she was released due to having friends in high places.

Roulette's return will no doubt spark trouble for Supergirl because the last time she was in town her disdain for all alien life forms was made apparent. As well as being an incredibly intelligent businesswoman, Roulette knows all the right buttons to push to rile up Kara — could we see these two face off again when she returns in the second half of the season?

If Supergirl sends you flying up the walls then read more here:

Why Is Kara Bleeding?

What's happened to Kara? [Via The CW]
What's happened to Kara? [Via The CW]

It's been established many times before on the show that Kryptonians are practically immune to pain — unless that pain is inflicted with an alien weapon such as Kryptonite. The trailer closes with Kara, evidently in pain and bleeding, but what could have caused this to happen? It's also obvious that this scene doesn't take place on planet Earth — she's on a planet with a red sun, could this be Daxam?

Earlier in the season, upon Mon-El's arrival, the viewers learned about Mon-El's home planet and how — just like Krypton — it was destroyed. Kara mentioned that Daxam is a waste land, meaning that the planet is still there, so perhaps her and Mon-El take a trip home.

If Kara isn't on Earth then she is possibly more susceptible to injury — but who's playground is she playing in? Could Project Medusa be involved? I guess we'll just have to wait and see what other Alien life lurks in the Galaxy when Supergirl returns.

Need a reminder on what Project Medusa is? Watch a short re-fresher here:

A network jump clearly hasn't impacted Supergirl and, if anything, the ability to crossover with her superhero comrades has improved the possibilities and storylines. We've seen a lot of action in Season 2 thus far and things are only set to get more adventurous for our favorite female crimefighter.

Let's not forget we still have that epic musical crossover with The Flash to look forward to that will re-unite Glee stars Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist in a super singing extravaganza. This trailer has increased our excitement for Supergirl's return and we can't wait to see what predicament Kara will hind herself facing next.

Supergirl returns to The CW on January 23rd. Why do you think Supergirl is bleeding in this latest trailer? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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