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The last episode of Supergirl has brought a lot of new and interesting things to the table that will affect the show in some way or another. They revealed why brought Mon-El in — that their purpose was to obtain 's blood so that Hank Hankshaw / Cyborg Superman (that was a new one, too) can access the database of 's alien computer. They also revealed the existence of project Medusa in the show and teased what's coming next. It is hard to tell what project Medusa means exactly in the show, but we can guess that another humans versus aliens fight is coming (besides or related to the crossover). But what really got my attention was Mon-El mentioning while he and Supergirl were caged at Cadmus.

Let's remember that moment: While Supergirl tries to break the cage's bars, Mon-El tells her that they are made out of Nth — a Thanagarian metal that is impossible for her to break. Supergirl doesn't seem very surprised about the Thanagar mention. In fact, she doesn't even ask how Cadmus got their hands on Thanagarian metal or what are they using it for (besides caging her and Mon-El). That moment passed somehow unnoticed, but now we can't help but wonder what the confirmed existence of Thanagar in Supergirl really means.

First Of All, What Is Thanagar?

Although I highly doubt this is new information for most Supergirl's fans, let's remember that Thanagar is the home planet of Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Thanagar is also inhabited by other forms of life and other races, like Lizarkons. In the Comics universe, Thanagar is a very important planet, not just because it is inhabited by Thanagarians — who have a really big role in the comics — but also because Thanagar is a highly advanced science-based world and a mineral deposit of Nth metal, which has a lot of powerful properties.

What Does The Mention Of Thanagar In Supergirl Mean?

Shayera Thal and Katar Hol a.k.a. Hawkgirl and Hawkman were already introduced to the by and they had a pretty good performance later in , but they are now both dead in the Arrowverse. Their origin story didn't quite make the connection between them and Thanagar, instead making their roots back in the Ancient Egypt. Could this mention in Supergirl's "The Darkest Place" be pointing out the importance of Supergirl in the Arrowverse? Unlikely.

We highly doubt that it was completely innocent, either. I really believe that Mon-El mentioning Thanagar means something for the show. My personal point of view on this is that we'll see (somewhere in the future, if not right now) a Thanagar-related character in the show. But who would that be? Considering that although Supergirl is now part of the CW Arrowverse, they are not on the same Earth (as the crossover between The Flash and Supergirl revealed, they didn't share the same dimension/timeline). Is it possible that we'll see different versions of Hawkgirl and Hawkman, other than the ones portrayed by Ciara Renée and Falk Hentschel? Or maybe we'll see them again, as doppelgängers? Both ways could be really interesting and also be challenging for the show. They could also be preparing the field for something even bigger, like the Thanagarian invasion? That would be amazing too.

Still trying to make sense of the multiverse? Let Barry explain it to you:

What do you think the mention of Thanagar means for the show? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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