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Unlike its first season, Supergirl Season 2 has managed to stick its landing with a brilliant season finale. From Supergirl getting the better of Superman to Alex proposing to Maggie, the final episode of the season had no shortage great moments. However, among those moments, the writers managed to sneak in an Easter Egg for Star City — the home of Oliver Queen and his alter-ego Green Arrow.

In the season finale, we saw Supergirl challenge Queen Rhea of Daxam to a trial by combat. Queen Rhea, however, had other plans. Not only did she want to take over National City, but the entire world. During their fight sequence, Rhea made that clear to Supergirl and that is when she name-dropped Star City:

"It won't stop here. There's Star City and Metropolis. I will destroy city after city until your whole world is gone."

We already knew that The Flash's home, Central City, existed on Earth-38, thanks to an Easter Egg in Season 1. However, there had been no confirmation of Star City's existence until this episode.

In all likelihood, this is probably just a fun Easter Egg that the writers wanted to put in. However, if we've learned from the five years spent with the Arrowverse, it's that writers often drop Easter Eggs to explore plots and facets of the universe they'd like to explore in future; consider The Flash's Easter Egg-laden Season 1 finale.

Killer Frost foreshadowed in 'The Flash' Season 1 finale. [Credit: The CW]
Killer Frost foreshadowed in 'The Flash' Season 1 finale. [Credit: The CW]

Could Supergirl Visit Star City In Season 3?

The only city we have seen multiple versions of in the Arrowverse is Central City. After The Flash opened doors to the concept of multiverse or the existence of multiple Earths in Season 2, we have seen what Central City looks like in Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-3 and Earth-19. It would be interesting to see what Star City look like in Earth-38. Afterall, Star City is where the Arrowverse began. If Supergirl does end up visiting Star City in Season 3, the showrunners would definitely wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to bring some of the actors from the other three shows.

Stephen Amell has appeared on all the three shows that are set in Earth-1. However, it would be impossible for Earth-1 Oliver Queen to visit Supergirl's earth without help from Cisco or Barry. However, an Earth-38 version of Oliver showing up on Supergirl would make perfect sense.

'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow' [Credit: The CW]

It is also interesting that they went with the "Star City" name. Back in Season 3 of Arrow, Ray Palmer changed Starling City's name to Star City. Does this mean Earth-38 has two Supermans? Well, not literally. Brandon Routh, who played Superman in Superman Returns, could also make an appearance as Ray Palmer if Supergirl visits Star City.

If Supergirl does visit Star City, the writers could also bring back fan-favorite characters like Tommy Merlyn, Laurel Lance, Moira Queen or Robert Queen. It would be difficult to bring them back on Arrow now that Season 6 won't be even having flashbacks — but Supergirl could use the multiverse to keep Arrow fans happy.

Supergirl has visited Earth-1 on a few occasions, having dropped by each of the three shows set in Earth-1. However, apart from Grant Gustin and Carlos Valdes, no other actor from Arrow, The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow has appeared on Supergirl. Kara Danvers visiting Star City and meeting Earth-38 versions of Oliver Queen and Ray Palmer would be an interesting way to bring Stephen Amell and Brandon Routh to Supergirl.

Would you like to see Supergirl visit Star City in Season 3? Let us know in the comments below.


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