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The recent Supergirl finale was an epic conclusion to Season 2. We were given an adventure with Superman, the long-awaited Daxamite downfall, and the always-blunt Cat Grant returned. The episode raised many questions for the future: Which villains will wreak havoc on National City? Does Cadmus still exist? Which fan-favorite characters will — or won't — return for Season 3?

Regarding the latter, it was revealed that Maggie Sawyer (played by Floriana Lima) will sadly no longer be a series regular. She is returning to Supergirl in Season 3; however, she's been downsized to a recurring role. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg stated that Maggie will return for multiple episodes, but that exact number remains unknown.

For Supergirl fans, this news is heartbreaking. Not only is Maggie one of National City's most brilliant and badass detectives, but also the girlfriend of Alex Danvers. Maggie was there for Alex through her emotional coming-out journey, and the two began a beautiful relationship that was a burst of hope for representation. The growth of their relationship eventually led Alex to propose to Maggie in the recent finale. Maggie responded with a gleaming smile, but did not utter, "yes." That initially caused some concern that Maggie might reject Alex's proposal.

Many viewers noticed that Maggie's screentime was already diminishing in Season 2, even when the show's team led us to believe the opposite. Remember the Sanvers-centric episode that was promised? Right, neither do I. And with Maggie receiving even less screen-time moving forward, we're left with a question even more pressing than whether she'll accept Alex's proposal: Will Alex and Maggie even be a couple in Supergirl Season 3?

Alex And Maggie's Relationship Has Uplifted Fans

If Alex and Maggie do part ways, it'll be a real blow for LGBT representation on television. It's safe to say that Supergirl has provided us with the best representation in a superhero series to date. The show didn't define Alex and Maggie by their sexuality. There was never a trace of harmful stereotyping in their portrayals, and they were treated as the strong, three-dimensional women they are. Alex and Maggie are both innately caring and the epitome of fearlessness; it's no wonder why they're such a perfect match. It was meaningful and refreshing to finally witness a lesbian romance on TV with so much depth.

As we watched Alex get comfortable with her sexuality, and Maggie supporting Alex's journey, fans became inspired to be out-and-proud in their own lives. Rather than simply being a romantic couple, Sanvers became a source of strength for queer viewers. The show's positive representation influenced members of the LGBTQ community to be real-life superheroes, and share their own coming out stories on social media. Many even shared those stories with Floriana Lima and Alex's actress, Chyler Leigh, and both of them are always around to give appreciation back to their admirers.

It's characters like Alex and Maggie that make us realize how powerful queer representation is, and how representation always matters. Regardless of what occurs in the future of Supergirl, their love will remain unforgettable.

Floriana Lima Reassures Fans That Sanvers Isn't Over Yet

When the news of Maggie's future absence made waves, Lima took to Twitter to clarify those news and attempt to put fans at ease:

"Sanvers fans are beautiful! The best part of playing Maggie is getting to share an inspiring LOVE story & representing the LGBTQ+ community. While this role was only meant for one season, I'm excited to appear in season 3, as we see the story unfold ."

While her message does give us hope, it's not entirely clear if the couple will last in the future, especially since Lima stated that her character was only meant to appear in Season 2. I wouldn't write Sanvers off just yet though, as a long distance relationship could be in the cards. Being a detective is busy work, and Maggie is excellent at her job. She could receive a higher rank that forces her to relocate, causing her and Alex to cope with living far apart. On the other hand, Supergirl might be ready to give Alex a new love interest instead.

If Sanvers Turns Out To Be No More, Is There A Chance To Finally Bring In Batwoman?

Kate Kane, notably known as , was rumored to appear in Supergirl since Maggie joined the cast; Kate is Maggie's former flame in the comics. Fans are desperate to see Batwoman in live-action (besides, you know, the Justice League porn parody). The Crimson Caped Crusader never ended up appearing in Supergirl, but that doesn't mean her chance is gone.

The show has given several nods to Batman, proving that the Dark Knight might exist in Supergirl's universe. And if does exist, why wouldn't Kate? They're cousins, after all.

Not only would the heroine make an excellent addition to the show in general, but she'd also make a strong love interest for Alex. Kate is a complex, brave and proud gay woman, which Supergirl is no stranger to including. It would be awesome to see Batwoman team up with Alex and the DEO in future episodes, and since Alex easily connects with strong women, her and Kate could hit it off romantically. It's disappointing that Maggie will appear less on Supergirl, leaving her and Alex's romance up in the air. But if the showrunners are looking to give Alex a new love interest, introducing Batwoman is the best way to go. Not to mention, Lena Luthor is available too!

Don't be ready to give up on Alex and Maggie as a couple right away, especially with Floriana Lima's reassurance to fans. But for now, only time will tell if Sanvers can survive in Supergirl's third season.

Supergirl will return to The CW this fall. Do you think Sanvers will last in Season 3, or should Alex find a new lady? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

(Source: EW)


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