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After a mostly stellar sophomore season, Supergirl ended with a bang, pulling in heavy-hitters like Superman while celebrating the return of the much-loved Cat Grant. The finale had everything we hoped for, including a cliffhanger to set up Season 3 — and just like the end of Season 1, it all comes down to who's in the pod.

This time, we're taken back to the final days of Krypton, with the revelation that Kara and Kal-el weren't the only ones to escape the dying planet. A dark cult with a skull-like sigil sends their own child of steel off to Earth, sealing the deal with a drop of blood, and promising that when this creature grows strong, it will "reign." It's highly likely that whoever this new villain is, they're lurking in the pages of comics, so let's take a look at the possibilities!

Reign The Worldkiller

The most obvious choice is Reign herself. Antagonist for the New 52's Supergirl comic, Reign is a Worldkiller — a creature genetically designed by the Kryptonians to be a perfect warrior, complete with an innate bloodlust and desire for destruction.

Reign introduces herself in the New 52 'Supergirl'. [Credit: DC]
Reign introduces herself in the New 52 'Supergirl'. [Credit: DC]

The Worldkillers, introduced in the New 52, were genetically engineered alien beings created in much the same way as Doomsday — to destroy entire populations. The New 52 Supergirl comic established that the Kryptonians used to create vast armies of Worldkillers, but that this kind of genetic engineering was later banned when the Kryptonians adopted a more peaceful and diplomatic interstellar policy. Reign and her team were created in secret and later attacked Earth, only to be defeated by Supergirl.

It seems highly likely that the new villain for Supergirl Season 3 is Reign herself, thanks to that hint from one of the mysterious hooded figures that this child was intended to "reign" on Earth. Even without that little hint, the smart money's on Reign being Season 3's villain — she's strong, she's terrifying, she has a team of equally dangerous peers, and, thanks to being introduced so recently, she's pretty much a blank slate that the show writers can expand on.

Doomsday Again

Of course, there are other options. Doomsday would be a strong contender for the Season 3 villain, especially as in the DCEU movies Lex Luthor used blood to create this monster. However, we just saw Doomsday in Batman v Superman, and he was also used in Smallville Season 8. It's possible that the Supergirl writers want to steer away from such a recognizable and oft-used DC villain to create something more distinctive. Which leads us to...

Lar-On: Kryptonian Werewolf

Yes, really. This character was introduced in the 1979 comic World's Finest, as a Kryptonian scientist who mysteriously turned into a werewolf for reasons that were never explained. Lar-On was a real hallmark of the Silver Age comics, a whacky one-issue-wonder that drew from pop culture in order to add a bit of flavor to the story. He was later reintroduced in Supergirl: Rebirth in 2016, so he's not a completely unknown part of DC history.

Lar-On transforms in 'World's Finest'. [Credit: DC]
Lar-On transforms in 'World's Finest'. [Credit: DC]

Honestly, I'd love to see a Kryptonian werewolf in Supergirl Season 3. The show went full sci-fi in Season 2, introducing plenty of aliens and more space-based adventures. This was awesome to see, but adding in a bit of supernatural weirdness into Season 3 would be a nice shake-up for the show. Plus, the mystery villain being a werewolf might explain the use of blood in that final scene... or maybe it's a vampire.

Vampire Superman

The title of Vampire Superman actually belongs to Ultraman II, an alternate universe version of Clark Kent who went evil because of your basic mirror-universe rules (in the anti-matter universe, everyone who is good is bad, etc). Ultraman II was turned into a vampire by one of the evil Monitors in Final Crisis, and took up the title of Vampire Superman.

Obviously, this is too convoluted for Supergirl Season 3. But seeing as we're throwing ideas out there for who the Season 3 villain could be, Vampire Superman is totally a character that did exist, and the title would be well adapted to an evil Kryptonian cultist with a thing for blood. But let's move on from the supernatural schitck for now.

Brainiac 2.0

We've had knock-off Brainiac in the form of Indigo, but nothing can beat one of DC's best and most chilling villains. Brainiac is an alien of unknown origin, with standard super strength powers plus the ability to possess others and manipulate computer systems. He's also downright evil. Supergirl Season 1 hinted that Brainiac was defeated by the Kryptonians long ago, but, like many comic characters, death rarely stops Brainiac's swathe of destruction. It could be that this mysterious cult created a clone of Brainiac, and sent him off to Earth to do his evil bidding again.

Who Are The Cult?

While we're guessing who the baby in the pod is, we should probably take a crack at the group of characters who sent them flying off to Earth.

These characters certainly seemed like some kind of cult, but they could also be a group of scientists, eco-terrorists like Astra, or any number of evil organizations. It's interesting to note that the hooded figures' voices sounded almost mechanical, implying that they were either cybernetically enhanced, or some kind of non-Kryptonian aliens.

There are many groups that the Supergirl writers could be adapting, but the most likely candidate is Black Zero. The first iteration of this Kryptonian terrorist group emerged during the Kryptonian War for Clone Rights, fighting against "genetic slavery." They eventually destroyed Krypton. The most recent version of the group was lead by Ursa, an iconic villain in her own right (who doesn't love a psychotic misandrist?). Within the group were the parents of Thara Ak-Var a.k.a. the hero Firebird.

Because the title of Black Zero has been passed on through the decades of DC's comics, it would be a great fit for Supergirl Season 3 — the name has recongizability, but has been changed enough times for it to fit whatever purpose the show writers want. This could also lead to the introduction of Ursa or Flamebird, both of whom would be interesting characters to explore on the show.

Tell us in the comments: Who do you think is in the pod this time?


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