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With the imminent launch of Supergirl Season 3, we're set to see Melissa Benoist's Girl of Steel take to the skies once again. Last season came to a heartbreaking conclusion, as Chris Wood's Mon-El made the ultimate hero call, effectively banishing himself from Earth forever. So what's next for Kara Danvers? DC has been keeping it pretty quiet — until now.

In a major twist, DC has just revealed that Supergirl Season 3 will introduce us to a brand new superhero who goes by the name of Saturn Girl. A powerful telepath and telekinetic, Saturn Girl will be played by Bollywood actress Amy Jackson.

Who Is Saturn Girl?

Saturn Girl will be no stranger to comic book fans; created by All Plastino and Otto Binder back in 1958, Saturn Girl was introduced as one of the founding members of the Legion of Super Heroes. We first met the hero as a telepath from the 30th century who traveled back in time to ally with Superboy. Over the decades, she's become something of a comic book legend in her own right, usually acting as the emotional heart of the Legion.

DC seems to be rewriting Saturn Girl's origin for Supergirl, as all indications are that this version of the hero will come from our own time. It also looks as though DC is subtly altering her powerset, emphasizing her telekinetic abilities rather than focusing on her telepathy. That approach makes sense, given that Supergirl already features a powerful telepath in the form of David Harewood's Martian Manhunter.

Intriguingly, we've been seeing hints of the Legion in Supergirl for the last two seasons. Eagle-eyed fans spotted a Legion flight ring in the Fortress of Solitude back in Season 1. Last year, we were introduced to Mon-El, Kara's Daxamite love interest, who's principally associated with the Legion. Over in the comics Mon-El was introduced as a secondary character in Superboy, and was forced to flee to the Phantom Zone in order to survive lead poisoning. He ultimately emerged in the 30th century, able to leave the Phantom Zone when he was cured by... Saturn Girl. Given that Supergirl Season 2 came to a close with Mon-El's ship caught in a mysterious portal, it really does look as though we're set to meet the live-action Legion of Super Heroes this year.

Supergirl Season 2 also introduced us to Tamzin Merchant's Lyra, an alien refugee from the Starhaven. DC fans believe she's a heavily-adapted version of the Legion member Dawnstar, who also originates from Starhaven. If that's the case, Saturn Girl will be the third Legion member to appear in the series, and more are sure to follow.

It's certainly intriguing to see Supergirl's story interwoven with that of the Legion of Super Heroes. In the comics, the Legion are primarily associated with Superboy; it seems that particular plot thread is being rewritten by , with the group becoming a firm fixture in Supergirl's mythology. The most interesting detail here though is the fact that Saturn Girl promises to hail from our own time. It suggests that, rather than base the Legion of Super Heroes in the 30th century, the team may unite in the present day. If that's the case, more Legionnaires are sure to be announced soon!

Supergirl Season 3 will premiere on Monday October 9th.


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