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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 12 was awesome for a lot of reasons. We finally got to see Lena Luthor again, as her mother Lillian tried to persuade her to join Cadmus — a fantastic plot which featured a Lex Luthor cameo, a surprising coming out scene, plenty of new mysteries, and lots more sexual tension between Kara and Lena (seriously, they need to kiss already).

But a episode would not be complete without a requisite helping of Easter Eggs, and although there was only one reference of note, it was a doozy.

When Lillian introduced Lena to Lex's cache of weapons, several different objects were featured on the screen: Lex's Kryptonite suit, a mysterious silver box, and a large axe. As with anything adapted from comic books, even the most mundane of objects has some significance — and this axe is anything but mundane.

A Legion Of Super-Heroes Villain

Ah, the Legion of Super-Heroes. This futuristic band of superheroes hails from the 31st century, and has been a staple of many DC comics, especially Superboy's arc. As it turns out, this "atomic axe" is actually wielded by one of the Legion's main antagonists, known as the Persuader. The axe can cut through anything from metal to solid rock.

Lex's "atomic axe" and the one wielded by the Persuader. [Credit: CW/DC]
Lex's "atomic axe" and the one wielded by the Persuader. [Credit: CW/DC]

So how the heck did Lex get his hands on this weapon from the future? Well, we've already had a hint that Supergirl's Superman teamed up with the Legion of Super-Heroes — when Kara visited the Fortress of Solitude back in Season 1, we caught a glimpse of a Legion ring, meaning that at one point Superman was part of the Legion itself.

With "Luthors" dropping more hints about the tangled relationship between Lex and Clark Kent — like in the comics and Smallville, the two were best friends before Lex's villainy became apparent — it seems that whatever happened between Superman and Legion of Super-Heroes, Lex also traveled to the future. That would explain how he came across the Atomic Axe, and though we may never find out exactly what went down during this adventure it seems like it was one hell of a ride.

Considering that in the comics, Mon-El eventually journeyed to the future and became a prominent member of the Legion, Supergirl seems to be gearing up to introduce this interesting superhero team. Whether we'll see them in Season 2 remains to be seen, but I'm willing to bet that this introduction is planned for sometime in Supergirl's future — why else would the writers scatter so many Easter Eggs throughout the show?

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. [Credit: DC]
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. [Credit: DC]

In fact, if the Supergirl writers really want to do something cool, they could have Kara travel to the same point in the future as when young Superboy and Lex Luthor arrived. That way, she could team up with her younger cousin and we could also catch a glimpse at how one of DC's most interesting friendships turned into a bitter rivalry. If Lena is also going to walk the same villainous path as her brother, having Kara see how Lex and Clark were friends might just cause her to suspect Lena — or maybe, in defiance of this, Kara would only become more loyal to Lena. Either way, this would make for an interesting episode!

Legion of Super-Heroes references aside, I have to wonder why on Earth Lillian would choose to leave behind such a powerful weapon. This axe can cut through pretty much anything! I guess that means whatever's in Lex's box must be even more powerful...


Would you like to see the Legion of Super-Heroes appear on 'Supergirl'?

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