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This week, the upcoming six-part event crossover Justice League vs. Suicide Squad from DC Comics revealed the identities of the villains who will spark the events that cause the two superheroic groups to come to blows.

Iconic DC villains often associated with the Justice League like Darkseid, or nemeses of the individual members like Brainiac or Ares, are nowhere to be found — instead, the two teams will find themselves manipulated by the likes of Maxwell Lord and Lobo, along with a few lesser names like Emerald Empress, Doctor Polaris, Johnny Sorrow and Rustam.

Can Maxwell Lord outsmart the Suicide Squad? [Credit: DC Comics]
Can Maxwell Lord outsmart the Suicide Squad? [Credit: DC Comics]

Together, those six villains will form a so-far unnamed team who collectively ignite the crossover's titular war, but what's really interesting about these choices of villain is that they might just provide an exclusive insight into the villains who'll be making the jump from the page to the DCEU in the near future...

Why Lobo And Maxwell Lord Would Add Extra Dimensions To The DCEU

What DC proved with Suicide Squad is that breakout characters like Harley Quinn are the cornerstones of their universe, and Lobo could be exactly that. A kind of unholy hybrid of Marvel's Ghost Rider, Deadpool and Wolverine with a little of DC's own Deathstroke thrown in for good measure, Lobo is a bounty hunter from the planet Czarnia, a peaceful utopia — until he committed mass genocide, murdering each and every one of his fellow Czarnians simply for sport.

Lobo: Too much fun for the DCEU? [Credit: DC Comics]
Lobo: Too much fun for the DCEU? [Credit: DC Comics]

In one story, he's hired to kill Santa Claus, putting Lobo firmly in Wade Wilson territory when it comes to poking fun at the absurdity of comic books and giving no fucks — but if he's a satirical villain, he most definitely is a villain, rather than an anti-hero like Deadpool, and chances are he'd make a killer antagonist in the DCEU. What's fun about Lobo is that he isn't motivated by anything other than a love of brutality. He didn't come from a broken home, he isn't seeking revenge. He's just a bad bitch.

Maxwell Lord, on the other hand, is much more in the vein of the traditional DC supervillain, a wealthy criminal mastermind not a million miles removed from Lex Luthor. Considering the Lex Jr. of Batman v Superman wasn't exactly everybody's cup of tea, it makes sense for the DCEU to have a figure who embodies corporate villainy but isn't a hyper-annoying millennial. Essentially, Lord can be what Luthor should have been.

Tinfoil Theory Time: Is Maxwell Lord Coming To The DCEU?

An increased prominence in the comics is hardly solid evidence that Lobo or Lord are making the jump to the big screen, but in the case of Lord, his fairly sudden exit from Supergirl after Season 1 could be more than just coincidence. We've already seen several times with Arrow that when a supporting character is due to appear in the DCEU, they disappear from the show.

Amanda Waller and Task Force X were cut after Arrow Season 2, for instance, just as Waner Bros. announced Suicide Squad, and Deathstroke was announced this summer as the villain for Ben Affleck's The Batman having previously been a prominent player in the Arrowverse. It also wouldn't be a surprise if Laurel Lance showed up in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie starring Harley Quinn and her girlfriends after the character's death in Arrow last season.

More DCEU goodness:

Lord's most iconic story in the comics is probably Infinite Crisis, which was written by Geoff Johns, who is now the Kevin Feige of the DCEU, so it's not really a stretch to imagine that Johns might want to loosely adapt one of his biggest success stories for the screen. In Infinite Crisis, Wonder Woman ultimately snaps Maxwell Lord's neck — live on TV. That prompts both Superman and Batman to get on their high horses in condemnation of her actions, splitting the Justice League apart for a while, which would work pretty well on the big screen.

Have we really seen the last of Maxwell Lord? [Credit: 'Supergirl', CBS]
Have we really seen the last of Maxwell Lord? [Credit: 'Supergirl', CBS]

We don't know yet who the Justice League sequel's villain will be, but assuming it's Darkseid, Lord might be better utilized in either a Wonder Woman sequel or Dark Universe. Wherever he ends up, though, he and Lobo are exactly the kind of charismatic bad guys this universe needs to bring the fight to Marvel, so don't be surprised when they pop up in the DCEU. These are the villains we deserve.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1 (written by Joshua Williamson, art by Jason Fabok) arrives in December. Don't miss it.

Is Maxwell Lords coming to the DCEU, and which movie should he terrorize?

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