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Supergirl is three episodes into its second season, and though Cat Grant has only been gone for one, there's already a vortex. Taking an impromptu leave of absence, Cat Grant has departed CatCo, leaving the citizens of National City and the viewers not quite sure what to do without her.

Yes, I get that the series is Supergirl, that it's not all about Cat Grant, but Calista Flockhart's character played an integral part in Supergirl's growth and in Kara's maturity as well. Though not demonstrative, Cat could still instill feelings of warmth and security, and she made CatCo an interesting place to be. Now, the company seems a shell without her. And it's clear that there is something missing from the show.

The Sarcasm

No other member of the Supergirl cast delivers the sarcasm like Cat Grant. Her one-liners were pure gold. Using them, she could effortlessly bring grown men to their knees and make employees scurry from her office like scared kittens. She wielded her sarcasm as a powerful weapon to keep her crew in line but also to hide the heart of gold hidden inside her perfect attire. And it was her sarcasm that often brought the only laughs we'd get from an episode.

The Wisdom

Cat Grant served as a stand-in mother for Supergirl, delivering bits of wisdom and advice in easy-to-take portions. She guided Supergirl through tough decisions, challenged her to believe in herself, and helped Kara understand that she could be more than who she was. Because of Cat, Kara is a reporter and Supergirl is a hero. Now that Cat is gone, to whom will Kara turn when she needs a dose of wisdom?

The Heart

Though it might not have seemed like it, Cat Grant had heart even when she was snapping out demands. Her final scene with Kara showed the true depth of her emotion, and all along we've known how much Kara idolized her boss. Even a hero needs someone to look up to, and with Cat gone, Kara is missing the one person who could tell her the hard truths about herself, the person who could make her take a long look in the mirror and make the choice not to settle for anything less than what she deserved.

Cat Grant exuded power, class and snark, but she truly cared for those around her, especially Kara. And she opened up to Kara like she had no one else. The two women were becoming friends, and the dynamic between Calista Flockhart and Melissa Benoist was magical.

When the production of Supergirl moved to Vancouver, Calista Flockhart made the decision to take on a reduced role, but does that mean she has to be completely gone from several episodes? Perhaps Skype visits could be integrated or telephone calls on speaker. Maybe I'm overestimating Cat Grant's importance, but I believe the show won't be the same without her, and the episodes going forward may very well prove that. So I hope the owner of CatCo can be brought back even if for quick soundbites that will give us that fresh breath of cattiness.

What will you miss the most about Cat Grant?


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